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Friday, August 26, 2011

Y'all up for more Weinergate?

I've been handed (or directed to) a whole lot of new material about the effort -- dare I use the word "conspiracy"? -- to take down Anthony Weiner. It's a bizarre, complex tale -- a novel written in Hell by a team of psychotics. And it involves some of the most wacky characters ever to assail the internet.

Various tributaries of the story involves an Assistant D.A., an egomaniacal porn star, congressional staffers, sock-puppets, hackers, hackers who hack hackers, imposters, a professional trickster, and -- I kid you not -- a surrealist "artist" who became infamous for writing about time travel. We also have a pretty good candidate for the real-life individual who operated under the name of "Dan Wolfe."

Yes, a lot of this stuff is pure red herring, but I don't know how much.

Is it important to catalog all of these claims and counter-claims? I think so. If nothing else, this tale -- or rather, this agglomeration of tales -- underlines the artificiality of the internet universe. When we interact with people online, we simply cannot know who is real and who is an imposter.

There's enough material here for a series, not just a single post.


But I'm not sure if my readers are interested...!
If a vast rightwing conspiracy can take down Weiner, they can take down anyone. Of course, Weiner exposed himself for an attack, but whatever. I just hope Eric Schneiderman is squeaky clean. If he gets some traction bringing banksters to justice, he’s a perfect target for the assail of slimy creatures. Excalibur! Slog through the cesspool, expose the underbelly of the beast and slay him.
Not interested.
Definitely. Im up for it. Hit me with your Weiner junk.

Remember the golden rule brother Joe...Smoke, smoke, pass!...Hell yeah we're interested. :-)

I'm sure there are many more of your readers who feel the same way Joe.


If you "gots" the goods, do share.

Remember the golden rule brother Joe...Smoke, smoke, pass!
Interest level= 7 of 10.
Absolutely! Chronicling it for future reference at the very least. I love reading your long discourses.

Please bring it on.

i'm interested, but i'm not sure many are. there was certainly a circus of socks around anthony weiner -- the most intriguing theory being that there was an attempt via starchild111 to lure him into improper behavior with an alleged minor. ultimately, though, AW brought himself down and the socks didn't. sock or not, no one forced AW to email around those pics.
Well, I'm a little bit interested. Maybe just one long post with lots of links rather than a series. I would love to see the swarm of "anonymous" comments though from obvious provocateurs and sock puppets. But that can get old and/or overboard.
This is "Merica" where cautionary tales as well as history is ignored. Remember that Bob Somerby has been at something similar for 10 plus years exposing how shoddy "journalism" has become (if it was ever all that good in the first place) a tool of the wealthy. Has your exposure of Jay Lehrer as the cable go to "science expert" made any difference?

Anthony Weiner has nobody but himself to blame for his predicament. True there might have been a conspiracy to bring him low but he supplied the ammo. Just as Bill Clinton did in that White House alcove or any republican in a bus stop men's room.

Bottom line: Those who want to believe that Anthony Weiner is a low life will continue to believe, just as those who think he was set up.

What came first our low opinion of politicians or their bad behavior?
Do it! The whole thing always felt a little off to me, and it would be nice to have those feelings justified,
hey, go for it!!! i'll read it with interest, i'm sure others feel likewise.

I'm always up for more Weinergate and you're pretty much all alone in covering the story. Keep ur eye on that ADA -- he's a notorious bagman for both corporate interests and the Murdoch press. Also, has been slammed for a bevy of wrongful convictions. Looking forward to hear all about the wacko crew of conspirators.
Bring it on!
Can't wait to read your take on it.
Weiner made it too easy, sure, but it is great to educate people about internet dirty tricks.
These posts moderated or am I just unable to sign in.
Go for it. The hell with readers! :)

signed...A Reader
Please. This type of story is why I read what you write (well, and the fact that you can actually write). Just don't let Irene get you. We still have awhile to go up here.
I dunno Joe-- Anon7:32 doesn't want it. Then again..
Raunchy Dog: "Weiner exposed himself"
Harry's got it up for it
Cyborg loves your long discourses.
Milowent is discussing the Red Hot Chili Peppers, with her circus of socks around the weiner
Gus is "a little bit interested" (in Quebec Un Bite is a weiner)
and Anon1:45 PM cant figure it out....

I'd say go for it just for the double entendres
I think it would be an interesting post or series of posts. It is possible that Democratic political figures who make noise are targeted. Consider why E. Spitzer was not charged with anything. (My understanding is that the evidence was illegally obtained.)

I don't agree with some policy positions Rep. Weiner took, and think Rep. Weiner was an idiot in some ways, but I am kind of miffed the voters did not get to decide whether to keep him.

OK, if there is any light to be shed, please do as I have thought...wondered are there any people out there that dare go against Clarence Thomas?

Funny, but Joe Biden helped Clarence Thomas by keeping the women in the hotel that were to testify and no one was the wiser. I wonder if there is more to the Weiner story.

Woman Voter
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