Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Well, at least someone out there has some good ideas...

Dennis Kucinich, making what he grandly calls "The Seattle Declaration" at an event called...er...um...Hempfest.
Quibble all you want about individual issues, but Kucinich and Bernie Sanders are as good as it gets in D.C. (Why doesn't Al Franken make it a triumvirate? He's been virtually invisible!) Eternal shame on the media for mocking and marginalizing this brave, honorable man.
if hemp raises a twitter still (regardless of what Washington allegedly wrote in his diary on August 7, 1765) imagine what would be come of all the LSD that Al Franken ate

PS Elizabeth would still be the vest First Lady EVER!!
That is because Al Franken likes to humor himself...as opposed to actually confronting Obama and co.

And Kucinich played a pivotal role in the passage of Health Insurance Reform after his plane ride on AF 1. Can't be trusted.
I'm tired of people snickering about Hempfest. Every year, the festival draws more people than any (ANY) other public event in the Pacific Northwest, usually drawing well over 100,000 participants. The people who organize it are motivated by their desire to see medical marijuana legalized. They work to educate visitors about a range of issues, including criminal justice reform, ecology, and MMJ. Every year they register thousands of new voters and give them an opportunity to meet candidates for elected office. Whether you like their style or not, they're doing the good work.
oh, yeah....Hempfest...I guess that's half a notch better than whatever New Age festival the "vest" (sic) First Lady/ third trophy child bride was at when she was sharing the stage with the BREATHARIANS, who preach to chumps who worship the likes of the fraud Kucinich that humans only need aaaaaiiiiirrrrrr and sunnnnnnlight to subsist on.
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