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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The ultimate Ron Paul takedown

"Constitution! Liberty! I win the debate!"

One of the YouTube commenters has responded to this video thus:

I love Ron Paul, so I'm a little confused if this is a pro or con Ron Paul video.
What more evidence do you need? Libertarians are total idiots.
That's why they call them "Paultards."

Arguing with a Paultard is like arguing with a rock, except rocks are smarter.
On the whole, the video is entertaining. Nevertheless, I'm not inclined to laugh a Ron Paul supporter because his view on the question of Iranian nukes, for example, doesn't happen to coincide with establishment consensus.

To what extent do Ron Paul's policy positions differ from those of his support base? I think that's an interesting question.
Are waffles a Libertarian thing? Because I love waffles. Does that make me smart?

The number of Ron Paul supporters who favor the reptilian variant of the standard conspiracy theory pushed by David Icke is probably vanishingly small. Most of the rest is probably accurate as representative of a typical Paul supporter.

I actually had a ..conversation... with a Libertarian recently. He and his smart, professional girlfriend started talking to me about our canine companions. I could tell right away he was a Libertarian even tho he thought he was being sly, dropping little tidbits into the conversation about gold and whatnot. By the time I got him going he was wild-eyed and his poor girlfriend had fallen silent. He actually volunteered that he and his girlfriend would be "happy" to personally pay to keep their own street safe and well kept. We were talking about what would be a good use of taxes, and apparently he failed to notice that his girlfriend had dropped out of the conversation and appeared pained and withdrawn while he was volunteering them for keeping their little swank corner of Boston safe with their own money and damn the rest of society.
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