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Friday, August 12, 2011

They're all crazy

An official statement from Richard Viguerie:
"All eight of the Republican candidates who appeared on the stage at the Ames, Iowa debate sounded like charter members of the Tea Party.

"To win the general election, we must first win the debate. When all eight Republican candidates take their lead from the Tea Party, we know the Tea Party has become the dominant force in Republican politics."
I think this shrieks for itself. And a very frightening shriek it is.

Since most Americans have an unfavorable view of the Tea Party, Vigueries' pronouncement may be construed as good news for Democrats. Unfortunately, 2012 is shaping up to be not a race the Republicans will win but a race that Obama will lose.
A third party has virtually taken over our government. And yet, progressives will continue to say, owlishly, that third parties never work.
Time for a third party run at the White House?

As long as it isn't the usual gang of suspects that have gone before, I'd vote for one.

Who an I kidding?

Obama has the machine Democrats, the Lesser of Evils voters, and the basement dwelling Kossholes on his side. That and you know damn well that the likes of a Chris Matthews will never admit they screwed the pooch with their leg tingles... Unless Jeff falls out of love with Obie.
There is no real Tea Party left.

You're talking about a co-opted construct. Milbank has it right.
The Republicans could spin the whole discussion in a manner that most americans would understand. However, I won't offer the suggestion unless they pay me a consulting fee.
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