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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sorry for the lack of posting

Yeah, a lot has been happening -- crashing stock markets, riots in the U.K. and strange new news about the JFK assassination. I've been kind of preoccuppied -- and also depressed, frankly. We're heading toward a cliff and the lemmings seem to be firmly in command.
I dont know what you are experiencing, but I have been out of sorts as well of late. I have come to the conclusion that my mood is being shaped by politics. This administration appears to think that there is no risk whatsoever of a second great depression, and they appear to know nothing of the first. The Fed has done everything possible to avert such an outcome. Clearly they take it seriously. The WH has done nothing at all to avert such an outcome. If anything, they appear to be trying to achieve it by their pathetic political posturing.

London is literally burning. Areas I grew up in are rioting (again). I wonder if people will think about leaving the city centres?

Financial capital doesnt care about you, or the coountry or anything other than its return. You dont bargain with financial capital. There is no one to bargain with.

This will end in hyper inflation, massive wealth destruction, and even more widespread poverty. Thats not the depressing thing. What depresses me is that there is no need for this to be the outcome.

The next Roosevelt will be a Republican. Only a Republican will be allowed to roll back the power of financial capital. In the same way that only a Democrat could roll back the social safety net. But just because you can doesnt mean you should. Not now. Not with 10% unemployment that is really 16%Its just dumb. Thats the biggest reason I have come to have disgust for Obama. He is too dumb to understand what is going on around him.

Its the dumbness of it all which is causing my horror and disgust. It doesnt need to be this way.

I don't think that you are under any obligation to share your thoughts with us. I do appreciate reading your viewpoint though. I certainly don't get upset when you take a few days off. There is a reason I don't run a blog or other on-line website. It is a lot of work and time consuming. I am trying to write the first two chapters of my dissertation and it has taken me forever. You and Dakinikat and others write more per day than I do. I am constantly amazed at just how prolific you are while still maintaining such a high quality.
Feel better, Joseph.
"He is too dumb to understand what is going on around him."

And lots of people are celebrating or moaning about Obama's "stupidity," "weakness," "incompetence," and so on. I must confess to having a weakness for the popularity of this self-deluding ploy. In the midst of horror, it's a wonderful momentary relief to enjoy a hearty laugh. I especially like the ongoing theme at Digby's House of Mirth and Lies: "If only Obama understood all these issues the way I do, if only he were smart like me, none of this would be happening!" No, I'm not providing links to all this crap. If you've been following the latest "crisis" in even a cursory fashion, you've seen scads of pieces repeatedly announcing all these themes. And, Jesus Fuck Me Christ, I'm not going to direct people to shitty sites. They have far too many readers as it is.


But now that Obama continues to do exactly what he said he would do, most of those who voted for him and viewed him as "transformational," "transcendent," and blahblahfuckingblah, talk nonstop about his stupidity, weakness and incompetence. Therefore, I state again:

Obama is the single most powerful individual in the entire history of humankind -- and he's accomplishing exactly what he set out to do.

So tell me again: who's stupid? Who's weak? Who's incompetent? Who was outmaneuvered? (I note, and it's an important point, that many people made the same profound error with the monstrous George W. Bush.)

- Arthur Silber
Yeah...I know how you feel Joe.

I described this feeling to a friend the other day.
It's as I was attempting to aid a man that was bleeding on the sidewalk from a beating he received by a group of thugs. I couldn't stop the bleeding and I was crying out for help, pleading with the people around me to help me care for this man.


They just ignore the bloody splatter hoping that the blood somehow misses them thus not tainting their lemming existence.

It may be a tad bit dramatic yet it is how I described it to my friend.
Horrible story, Red Dragon. Jesus, what the hell is happening? London, Philly -- mob violence is the sudden new thing.
REAL lemmings NEVER do THAT.
(What the world DIDN'T see :
Disney's workers literally shovelling poor animals over the cliff)No, I wasn't there at the time, to see, but know a bit about how to check sources.
Powerfull MEME, anyway.
Very usefull.
-otherwise agreeing on what RedDragon said-
what about the JFK assassination?
- Arthur Silber

I take your point entirely. I dont believe Obama doesnt understand what he is doing. I dont believe these choices are forced, or he is manipulated. I just dont think he fully understands the wider consequences of his choices.

In much the same way as I dont believe Jamie Dimon fully understands the wider consequences of his choices. Or Cantor Junior. Or Rahm Emmanuel.

I think they all think they are being really clever. Pushing down real wages. Shifting entitlements down. Altering the political status quo. Probably helping to ensure a second term for their man.

I doubt they really think a Great Depression II is a good idea. I doubt they think that mass civil unrest is a smart idea. Or what I suspect will end up as war or a serious economic collapse. I think that they think that they can finesse it. Get their man re-elected, and then deal with the big important things then.

Me personally, I wouldnt care what bankers offered me - even if it was a second term. I would do my damnedest to avoid being called Herbert Hoover II.

Do you think they will call the tent cities Obamavilles?

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