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Sunday, August 14, 2011

A post about love

On weekends, this blog occasionally posts non-political material. A friend to this site recently sent me this notice of the passing of his dog. I consider these words worth sharing with a wide audience, since they speak to something universal.
I'm very sad to report that our little Jack Russell terrier Tina, who'd been ailing for the past month, died at home, in our arms tonight. She went peacefully. During the past few days she started deteriorating, becoming progressively sicker and more listless. Our vet, Michael Samuels did a heroic job of trying to help her. He's truly one of God's noblemen. I'm certain, whatever was wrong was, for all practical purposes, unfixable. She was a spunky, wonderful little dog. We're so grateful to have known her as our own.

Such is the price one pays for having a beloved pet. How can there be gratitude without loss? God, it really takes courage to love deeply. Maybe that's because to do anything earnestly, even the smallest thing, necessitates some measure of courage. Or maybe, it's that the most courageous thing any of us can ever do is simply to embrace life in this moment and accept life on life's terms, devotedly, thankfully, without selfpity. I really don't know. I just know it hurts for now. Anyway, ...Sic transit gloria mundi!
All human connection requires bravery, since any link implies loss. That's the horrifying thing about love. But without love, where would we be?

(Yes, Ramona? Ah. "Goldman Sachs." Very funny, young lady. But I was trying to be serious.)
condolences on the loss of your beloved dog. Congrats on getting resettled in the East, you'll be much better off when big quake hits LA.
I should be clear: This was a reader's dog. I printed his comments because they seem to speak about larger issues.

My dog will outlast me. I hope.
No you don't want your dog to outlast you. I do rescue volunteering and that is the start of horrible stories.

I started to cry over this post as of course I am crying over my lost loved ones. And they are so many since I do rescue work and often have to give them up for adoption. It's almost as hard as having them die.

The most beautiful book on dog love is:

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, an Oprah pick of immense genius and seduction.
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