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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Obama fatigue

From John Smart's blog, thinking back to 2008...
That very night I came home and began researching Obama. I was a Democrat and I wanted to know about the man I assumed I’d be voting for. This assumption lasted about 45 minutes. It didn’t take much research to realize Obama was a poser and a fraud. The narrative shoved down our throats by the media about him made it clear soon enough the next President had been ‘chosen’ for us.
Democracy in the U.K. must be incredibly easy: Simply learn which candidate the Murdoch press favors, then vote the other way. Things are slightly more complex in the U.S., but only slightly. When the beltway press corps loves a candidate, that's the person you don't want.
Now the sequel is here. Obama is damaged to say the least. He’s finally below 40% in the latest Gallup poll. He’ll try to revive the dynamic of 2008. He’ll even succeed for a news cycle here and there. But he’s now the lover we are over. We all know those relationships. Attempts to rekindle the flame always fail, and usually just prolong the pain.
It's true about the polls.
New data posted Sunday shows that 39% of Americans approve of Obama's job performance, while 54% disapprove. Both are the worst numbers of his presidency.
Can Obama be re-elected with these numbers? Not easily. At this same point in the Dubya presidency, Bush's approval ratings were above 40 percent and, in most polls, above 50. Even so, Bush had to resort to chicanery to pull off a win in 2004.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, facing a recall effort, has higher approval poll numbers than Obama does.

Smart and other bloggers are betting that the next president will be Rick Perry. Bachmann is nutty and Romney is pure 10W40. Talking Points Memo is all over Perry's remarks about the fed, claiming that looser fed policy would boost the economy and thus help Obama -- hence Perry's attack. Personally, I'm not sure that his stance is all about the horserace: I think this is part of the libertarian goal of destroying America in order to remake it.

That's why we've seen, over the past few years, a calculated media campaign to scare people with the threat of inflation. With so much else wrong, inflation was the least of our worries. Not all inflation equals the Weimar scenario: A limited, controlled inflation could have made our debt (both personal and national) less burdensome. For precisely that reason, the Republicans have been whipping up anti-inflation hysteria.

As you know, I favored the "platinum coin" solution to the debt crisis. Perry wants to make sure that Obama has no such option if (when) the economy tanks further.

Besides, calling Bernanke a traitor deflects attention from Perry's own treasonous embrace of secession. You know Republicans: Their most beloved strategy is to turn a weakness into a strength, as when the Bushies attacked Kerry's war record in 2004.

Perry is just as crazy as Bachmann, but since he is male, the media will take much longer to notice the stench of wackiness.

Obama will probably lose. Let this sink in: Obama will probably lose to a Texas crank who thinks that secession is an option.

We need a Democratic challenger. Even if the challenge does not succeed, an insurgent campaign can serve the larger purpose of remaking the Democratic brand. We need someone who will articulate an alternative to the Obama-as-radical-socialist narrative. We need someone who will tell the public that liberalism has not failed us in this economic crisis; liberalism has not been tried.
Jesus cold come down from heaven to challenge Obama and still lose because the print and broadcast media don't want a viable Democrat candidate. Their corporate/Wall St. masters have spoken to the "journalists" and ordered a republican for 2012.

If his numbers keep trending toilet-ward, Daryl Issa won't have to open a House investigation or Obama's machine days back in Chicago. In fact doing so could be construed as "keeping the black man down" and gain him the sympathy vote.

Next summer should be very interesting.
I'm not so sure about Perry.

WSJ aired out some of his Texas dirt yesterday. Very interesting stuff.

Perry kept giving grants to one of his perpetually-going-bankrupt buddies, while the buddy still managed to make hefty campaign contributions.

If the WSJ has decided to "go there", something must be up.
Joseph writes, "Even so, Bush had to resort to chicanery to pull off a win in 2004."

Chicanery including, quite possibly, hacking of the vote. I wonder, does Obama have the equivalent of Rove, the Architect? Is Team Obama desperate enough to attempt such chicanery on their own? Lacking such a comparably capable architect, such chicanery may finally demonstrate irrefutable evidence of Deep State vote rigging.

One can Hope.
I'm old. I've seen a few campaigns in my lifetime. I'm betting Perry right now. First, it's unlikely that Romney can get the nomination without the Christian right, and that group ain't gonna vote for him. Second, Perry is a dirty fighter, and he's not afraid to take on Obama's race card play. Third, Perry is a likable man. Americans really like the cowboy types, even if it's not in their best interest. Must be something from childhood. Fourth, and in a way this is the most important reason, most people are tired of a president talking with no action. Americans want something to happen, anything. Like his "present" noncommittal voting, Obama has put the country in the doldrums. People want a president who can get us moving, and they will take their chances with Perry. Romney is too much like Obama.
1) I dont think Perry is the "annointed one". I think Obama is the establishment candidate here. You can tell by who has the money. Mind you, I will bet that Parry has the oil vote. Thats worth a lot as W showed.

2) I dont care how whacky Bachmann and Perry are. I care that they appear to be half-wits, nah perhaps quarter-wits. Dumb as bag of spanners. The odds on the end of civilisation increase dramatically if Americans elect these morons.

3) I think the absence of a decent Republican candidate is revealing. The field is being left clear for Mormons and Christian half-wits (Mormons and Morons). Surely this means they either dont want to win it or dont think they can. Either way round I cry foul. They could at least put up some opposition to Doh-Bama. If even the Republicans wont fight, then what will stop DohBama's welfare for the rich, bankster oligarch supporting policies carrying the day?

Oh silly me.

Who would have thought Brother Cornell West would be our last hope.


Well let's see. Since they all are clowns, which one is the funniest? The googiest? The worst? That's the one I want.
I've just been reading about Perry's connection to the New Apostolic Reformation band of lunatics. Rachel Maddow apparently did a piece about them last week.

Scary stuff! Whether Perry is using them or they are using him isn't clear yet.

He's getting disproportiate publicity though - whether good or bad - something's afoot, I feel it in my bones. Maybe he's being pushed forward by the media as a scare tactic to disaffected Dem voters: "See what y'all will get if you dont vote for O!" The powers that be (the boys in the backroom) must be quite pleased with Obama - he's done their bidding so far, why would they want rid of him?

Or maybe Perry really is a religious maniac wanting to turn the US into a theocracy.

But yes - why don't the Dems field a challenger? It seems as though they're too afraid to even mention it.
If the WSJ has decided to "go there", something must be up.

Could be News Corp is "immunizing" the candidate. The idea might be to bring up the filth now, while most voters are not paying attention to the race. By the time everyone's paying attention, the nastiest dirt won't get front page headlines as it will be "old news."
"We need a Democratic challenger."

Who? Nader?
Seymour...Mittwit is the funniest, hands down. I can't remember half the idiot things he's said...I'm pretty sure once he chanted a communist slogan to some Cuban-American Republicans in Florida he was trying to impress in Spanish.

Thanks for these links, nice to read about other people who researched Zero back in the day and needed less than an hour to realize he was a fraud.
There is a broad spectrum of people in America who are tired of simply looking at Obama's face. Don't get me wrong. There is a lot in a face. Obama's is a mixture of petulance, arrogance, and the kind of boredom I'm sure would have been on the face of Louis IV had he been photographed as frequenctl. It is also the face of a habitual liar, whose complex fabrications and distortions of the truth have ensnared and destroyed hopes and dreams of a more positive outcome of the mess W Bush made. And, because of the slow slide toward a depression that this country's economy is taking, and the lack of real jobs, Obama's grasp of the real world in which ordinary folks live is reflected in his outlook, in the way his eyes sit in his head. And, even though things can get worse, and probably will, no matter who gets elected, at least until serious changes are made in the world outlook of most Americans and more explicitly those who are ostensibly elected to do their business, until they get actually do get better in the real sense of the word, no one is going to be happy with the price of food and gasoline, as well as other goods and services, growing almost exponentially. This more than the chatter that exists as news and is reported as meaningful, especially in the so-called Republican primary circus that has sprung up with such discord and contradictions. That has become, at least at this point, more of a waiting game to see if Perry has a horse that can carry him to the poles faster than that of a man who's been in the saddle long enough to have learned all the ropes, and along with his posse will be able to use a variety of underhanded methods to deter the outcome. And, not matter your inclination, this a horse race that is certainly Obama's to lose no matter what his numbers and no matter how much we hate and despise him for his ineptness in leading this country. The bed rock reality is that Obama is a great campaigner and has people in his tent who could and can sell anything because they understand it is a matter of propaganda, and with the main stream media complicit in helping, even Jesus H. Christ would have trouble beating him.
President Al Franken, baby.
There is a broad spectrum of people in America who are tired of simply looking at Obama's face.

I was tired of looking at his face after the first debate. The combination of arrogance and complete bewilderment was entertaining for about 30 seconds. After that, it wore off.
I did a whole show on this topic:
We're All Pretty Sick of Obama

I confess to hanging around at HuffPo, which is much nicer now that it's been corporatized. In 2008, HuffPo was an excellent illustration of everything wrong with progressivism today. The corporate people are much nicer--so far.

For whatever it's worth, there is hardly a kind word spoken about Obama at HuffPor these days. In 2008, it was so heavily biased for Obama I couldn't even go there, as the slightest independent thought would be shot down. You know those Obamacrats.

Are the people at DailyKos still rooting for Obama? Not possible.
Rick Perry is anything but stupid. Generations of portraying anyone raised south of Iowa as a rube have created a class and regional prejudice that much of the country is very tired of having shoved down their throats. Secondly Perry is not a cowboy. He grew up on a dryland cotton farm which is a much tougher existence than a ranch. He went to a public university not an Ivy League school and no one helped him get admitted or pay for it.

I live in Texas. Part of my family immigrated in 1837. My father sounded like LBJ and was a FDR liberal. I do not like, respect or agree with Perry on almost anything. I have met Perry four times throughout his long career in my state. He will go after Obama. He will make him look like the indolent, out of touch, snide, thin skinned, empty suit elitist that he is.

Perry has the hide of a rhino. He does not give a shit what anyone who will never vote for him thinks. He is good looking, aggressive, very friendly, hands on pol and has always been this way. He is also lucky. Obama looks and sounds like a sad sack loser in comparison. Obama will continue to slide in the polls with Perry poking him with a stick while laughing. Democrats should consider that he is doing the country a favor and encouraging Obama to one term it and split. I do.
Check out the latest from the Obots....OFA's New Mexico campaign leader has called Krugman a "rookie" and liberals "firebaggers" (slam on Jane Hamsher's Firedoglake). And here is one answer as to why there is no primary challenger to California, the Dem party has refused to certify its largest caucus, the progressive caucus, because they're calling for a 2012 challenger to O.
I agree with Anonymous (4.30am) that Perry is going to make Obama look small and ineffective. Perry is exhibiting the biggest "real" personality we've seen, so far, either in 2008 or this time around.
People of the USA love a personality, and could easily be Pied Pipered away again, and let in not only the GOP but also the religious maniacs on Perry's coat tails.

If Democrats don't find and field a strong challenger to O they deserve all that's coming to 'em.
Just like the theory that the GOP tanked their nomination last time to avoid getting hit by the aftermath they left (so as to avoid the Hoover 30-40 year reputation), I'm guessing they do NOT want to get in charge for Act II of the great unraveling.

Far better to let the 'new guy' take all the blame. That was a relatively hard sell this first term, with even GOPrs recalling what he stepped into. As of a second term, he'll completely own it, and make the Dems have a 30-year drag on their electoral chances and party reputation.

BO looks and feels like Carter Redux as the summer wanes. Certainly Perry has the semiotics on his side -- small gov, tough as nails, shooting coyotes, fixing up a BBQ. He's about as radical politically as Reagan, actually, which is something. Perry's also entering the movie, like RR, at the right moment, when the well is dry. But Team Bush hates him -- Rove et al will pull out the stops to not be cast in the wilderness for eight years.
"Rick Perry is anything but stupid. "

First of all I appreciated your thoughtful and insightful comment. Secondly I didnt mean to be taken as implying that all Christians are stupid, or that all Southerners are stupid. I did think that his comment which seemed to threaten a public servant was incredibly stupid, but maybe it served a purpose for him. I do have a prejudice against evangelical Christians - I think the presumption that others should have to listen to them outline their belief system is unreasonable, and a position that I personally think only a moron could hold. I ask any evangelical Christian how he feels about evangelical Islam?

For what little etc.

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