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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Norway killer tied to Tea Party and the drug trade

Peter Dale Scott -- poet, U.C. Berkeley professor and former Canadian diplomat -- has written a fascinating analysis of the mass killings committed by Anders Breivik, which he views as a "deep" event. "Deep" is Scott-speak for "conspiratorial," although he operates on a wavelength very different from that of the conspira-cranks who gravitate toward Alex Jones.

Even if you disagree with what Scott says, you must appreciate his elegant and thoughtful writing, as well as his (usually) careful use of sources. He asks...
...was 7/22 a systemic deep event, or at least a possible deep event? Having pondered this for a month, my conclusions, all tentative except the first, are these:

1) Breivik most probably did not act alone, despite the latest official reports: “prosecutors and police have said they are fairly certain that Breivik planned and committed them on his own.”

2) We should probably look for his associates in the demi-monde mobilized outside and against the state, rather than in the structures of the state itself.

3) 7/22 is probably not a traditional false-flag operation; the milieu of Breivik’s associates is indeed probably that pointed to, without incrimination, in the alleged Breivik manifesto and video.

4) The motive of 7/22 may have been to maximize publicity for the political message of one particular group in this milieu, the Euronationalist Knights Templar of former neo-Nazi turned counter-jihad publicist Nick Greger.

5) We should look behind the counter-jihad ideology of Breivik and Greger’s Knights Templar to the arms-for-drugs trafficking connections of their avowed heroes and contacts – particularly of the Serbian Mafioso and Red Beret veteran Milorad Ulemek.
Scott has footnotes for all this stuff, in case you are wondering. (He's old school, so expect footnotes instead of in-text hyperlinks.) He goes on to make a number of other "tentative" observations, but what we have above should be enough to chew on right now. And we can check it all against outside sources.

Breivik may indeed be linked to Greger, who in turn links up with the notorious Johnny Adair, an Ulster "loyalist" (that is, protestant) thug. Greger and Adair, in turn, are now the prime movers in the English Defense League, a British far-right group -- "fascist" is not too strong a word, at least not in my view.

Breivik himself had direct links to the group.

Here's where things get very, very strange. The EDL is notorious (in the U.K., at least) for espousing the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. Breivik, however, freaked out the world press by mixing a pro-Israel attitude and a pro-fascist agenda. Previously, most believed that those two stances were in conflict.

Not only that: The English Defense League also has strong connections to the American tea party movement -- and to the furiously pro-Israeli, anti-Muslim libertarian propagandist Pamela Geller. From the Guardian:
Geller, darling of the Tea Party's growing anti-Islamic wing, is advocating an alliance with the EDL. The executive director of the Stop Islamisation of America organisation, she recently met EDL leaders in New York and has defended the group's actions, despite a recent violent march in Bradford.
Devin Burghart, vice-president of the Kansas-based Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights, said: "Geller is acting as the bridge between the EDL and the Tea Party. She plays an important role in bringing Islamophobia into the Tea Party. Her stature has increased substantially inside the Tea Party ranks after the Ground Zero mosque controversy. She has gained a lot of credibility with that stuff."
The linkages between Eurofascism and the Tea Party do not surprise me. (See the post below.) But one cannot easily comprehend the contradictory attitudes toward Jews on display here.

Then again, how surprised should we be? On the far right, strange bedfellows shack up all the time. There is a strong overlap between the Tea Party and Christian fundamentalism. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion does get circulated by certain paranoid evangelicals (like these clowns) -- even though most fundamentalist churches are fanatically pro-Zionist. One should also note that the Mossad supported Chilean fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet -- who (as seen in our preceding post) allowed Tea Party superstar Milton Friedman to run his country's economy, while at the same allowing a Third Reich veteran to torture prisoners.

Bedfellows don't get any stranger than that.

Let us return to the Tea Party-English Defense League connection...
Another Tea Party-associated grouping, the International Civil Liberties Alliance, which campaigns against Sharia law, confirmed that EDL leaders have made "contacts with members of important organisations within the American counter-jihad movement". A statement said: "It seems now that America and Europe are acting as one, and united we can never fail."
Shifren, a Californian senate candidate, said Britain's Jewish community should rally behind the EDL: "The Jewish community is paralysed with fear, exactly what most radical Muslim agitators want. The people of England are in the forefront of this war – and it is a war. One of the purposes of this visit is to put the kibosh on the notion in the Jewish community that they cannot co-operate with the EDL, which is rubbish."

The EDL's website relaunched briefly last week with new US links. Currently shut down for "maintenance", the site featured prominent links to a site called Atlas Shrugs, which is run by Geller, and another US-based site, Jihad Watch, which compiles negative news coverage of Islamic militancy.
Now, about that drug connection...

Scott drects our attention to Milorad Ulemek, whom you've probably never heard of before. This guy has a resume that sounds like the backstory of the bad guy in a Hollywood thriller. Basically, he's a former Yugoslavian spook turned Serbian mobster turned political assassin.

Greger, Ulemek, Adair and Breivik all coalesce in a mysterious paramilitary group called Order 777.
Breivik said he had attended the founding meeting of the “Knights Templar Europe” in London “after visiting one of the initial facilitators, a Serbian Crusader Commander and war hero, in Monrovia, Liberia.”

Both the “compendium” and the Order 777 videos feature a man called Milorad Ulemek...
As noted earlier, Milorad Ulemek belongs to the Serbian mafia, whose involvement in the illegal drug trade (along with a whole bunch of other evil stuff) is well-known: See the Wikipedia entry here. In the Serbian mob world, a "clan" is roughly equivalent to a "family" in the traditional Italian mafia; Ulemek is a member of the Zemun clan. This clan appears to link up with the BIA -- Serbia's version of the CIA.

Just how close are those links? Well, I thought that this was cute:
In September 2001, 700 kilos of heroin was found in a bank vault rented by the BIA in central Belgrade. The illegal safekeeping was never explained nor brought up.[2] The Zemun gang had "special training courses" with the BIA, lending them information on Kosovo Albanian terrorists.[2]

During the period that started with the Yugoslav wars and ended with the assassination of Prime Minister Zoran Đinđić in March 2003, connections between the mafia and the government were obvious and corruption was rampant in most branches of the government, from border patrols to law-enforcement agencies...
You know what I think is really odd? Americans rarely hear about the activities of these mobsters, even though they've been moving large amounts of heroin and cocaine. It's almost as though the U.S. media were told "hands off."

One thing is for sure: We're dealing with a very dangerous network here.

For a while now, I've wondered who has been funding for the Tea Party/libertarian propaganda movement. It takes a lot of money to convince so many Americans to act against their interests, and to buy into ludicrous historical revisionism.

Most lefties presume that the cash all comes the Koch brothers, and from certain Wall Streeters. But is that the full story? Maybe the money trail goes into darker realms.

Hypothesis: Perhaps the Serbian mobsters are being allowed to operate with relative impunity because they have made a deal. Part of the loot is going to fund groups like the EDL in Europe -- and the Tea Party in America.

I do not present that idea as a given. I present it as a hypothesis to be explored (and if need be, debunked) in the future.

But we may note this: Glenn Beck -- a favorite of the tea-stained reactionary set -- notoriously blamed the victims of Breivik's massacre, comparing the slain to "Hitler youth."

Since we are talking about "funny money" and right-wing politics, let us return to Scott:
Breivik’s planted clues about his finances also point mysteriously to international connections beyond what was needed for 7/22 alone. In this case the mystery of his finances is reinforced by evidence we learn independently from the Norwegian police: namely, that in 2007, a year in which he reported little taxable income, the equivalent of $115,000 was mysteriously deposited into Breivik’s bank account. This important clue, not coming from Breivik himself, refers to a time when "Government records suggest that …. his early attempts at business were a failure."

Breivik himself has reportedly heightened the mystery behind the alleged “loner.” He is said to have explained to the police that he had ten times as much money (six million kroner, about $1.1 million) to finance his terrorist attacks.
An even more suggestive lead to this hidden financial dimension is a statement attached to the Breivik manifesto, in which “Breivik” claimed to describe his irregular commercial and banking activity:
2005-2007: Managing director of E-Commerce Group AS (part investment company – 50%, part sales/outsourcing company – 50%). I converted ABB ENK to a corporation (AS). Total of 7 employees: 3 in Norway, 1 in Russia, 1 in Indonesia, 1 in Romania, 1 in the US. Distribution of outsourcing services to foreign companies, sold software/programming solutions. Worked part time with day trading (stocks/options/currency/commodities).
In the words of this statement,
This was a front (milking cow) with the purpose of financing resistance/liberation related military operations. The company was successful although most of the funds were channelled through a Caribbean subsidiary (with base in Antigua, a location where European countries do not have access): Brentwood Solutions Limited with bank accounts in other Caribbean nations and Eastern Europe. E-Commerce Group was terminated in 2007 while most of the funds were channelled in an “unorthodox manner” to Norway available to the coming intellectual and subsequent operations phase.34
Antigua, a small island in the Caribbean, was noted for its corrupt banks with intelligence connections; it was used for example by BCCI and Israeli operatives in the 1980s for illicit arms sales to the Medellin cocaine cartel.35
Side note: This may strike some of you as a bit of a stretch, but Breivik's use of a stock trading front group reminds me of Jonathan Lebed, noted penny stock pump-n-dumper and propagandist for Ayn Rand's philosophy. The astounding thing about Lebed's scheme is that it was relentlessly pushed by Rupert Murdoch's media empire (especially by Glenn Beck, when he played a leading role in that empire), as I documented in this video.

More to come...
Tea Party describes itself as a spontaneous gathering of like minded souls how many are in on this and how many are dupes/ useful idiots?

Very little of what goes on beyond our borders is reported by the media unless it involves missing blond cheerleaders or mass killing like in Norway.

Since we seem to have an appetite for "reality" shows and Idol contests how much of the blame fall on us that we don't get real journalism?
Wow! You're going to get a lot of people crazed with this suggestion. I can hear TP heads exploding as I type.

Keep up the good work.

Btw, really enjoyed the Libertarian/Fascist essay. Bravo!

Peggy Sue
You point about Henry Ford and the austrian *sshole, has struck a chord with me. Strange times in North America, and likely to get worse before they get better. Common people suffer but thanks to excellent propaganda, the bulk of the population doesnt question the rewards that their betters are paying themselves.

In my opinion (worth very little) if nothing were to change, this situation would in the very near future become untenable. So our betters ("the total" Kochs for example) are pre-empting the game. They are actively aggitating for fascism because the alternative is disgorgement.

When have you met a looter who wanted to give back what he had looted?

I think the focus on financial capital is silly. Yes the banks ripped you off. Yes they are still stealing from you. But so are the rest of corporate America's management. They pretend to be capitalists but they are just managers stealing from the owners cos the owners arnt paying attention.

Wake up. You are being robbed. And dont listen to that man telling you its the Mexicans or the communists. Its not. Its your "captains of industry". Laughable really.

Hmmm...very interesting post. A lot of food for thought. Thanks for posting this.

Still, it is disturbing to see that the Norway slaughter seems to have been flushed down the memory hole by the US media.

Again, thanks for this. Will be interested to read more info when you get it.
(part 1)

What follows is mainly a comment on the idea that the EDL is notorious in the UK for espousing the Protocols. OK it depends what you mean by notorious, but I think the EDL-Protocols link is misleading and potentially highly so.

The 'discovery' of the said Protocols by John Shaw is recent. Date: some time in late June, 2011.

The EDL-Protocols link certainly has some background. It serves

1) to reduce the risk of alienating a small part of their boneheaded following which has been dragging its feet with regard to being fanatically and unquestioningly pro-Zionist, and

2) to cause misdirection for a wider audience, once it was decided that the pro-Zionist (and pro Zionist-terrorist) flavour that EDL politics had adopted was at risk of making things too obvious - and also too ridiculous.

(The question arises as to whether it also served

3) to enable the EDL to be distanced from what its leaders knew beforehand would be the terror attack committed by Anders Breivik).

Read this statement by the EDL. Date: 6 August 2011.

The EDL connections with US-based Zionazis do not stop at Rabbi Nachum Shifren - although he is interesting, and the Lubavitch crime organisation is a formidable player in the illegal drugs trade in several countries (including in 'party drugs' such as ecstasy).

The connections also run to the convicted terrorist bomber Victor Vancier As well as being a Kahanist and a hero-worshipper of Baruch Goldstein (as a sole man with a submachine gun, a sort of forerunner of Anders Breivik), Vancier is head of the (Kahanist) Jewish Task Force. He's also known as Chaim Ben Pesach.

I urge people again to read the EDL statement referred to above. According to this statement, "individuals within the EDL Jewish Division" decided to "ally themselves" with the Vancier's JTF. But, oh dear, they took their decision "without the authority of the EDL Leadership".

The authors of the statement (and Shaw is presumably involved) claim to be upset at all this, because the EDL's Jewish Division played such an important role in "determining" the EDL's "direction".

And then they went and had their bellies tickled by a US-based Zionist terror bomber. Oh what a silly bunch of boys the Jewish Division turned out to be!

It's important that despite most journalists unwillingness to reflect on the necessary distinctions, the EDL as a scene does not have a deep and organic far-right political background. Sure, they are far-right, fascist, racist thugs. There's no denying that. But that's not the same thing. They don't have a lineage you can while away hours tracing back through the NF, BNP, politial soldiers, Griffin backers against Websterites, League of St George, Column 88, Combat 18, etc. etc. A much more important structure in terms of their background is football-themed gangsterism.

(part 2 follows)
(part 2)

In many towns in England (and a few in Wales), the local football-based gang network is a serious player in local gangsterism. They're involved in shit ranging from drugs and night-clubs to car-park scams, landlordism and its related field of debt collection.

Can you guess what these types are most interested in, what they most respect?

Yes, it's money. Their male-camaraderie based masculine personas (mustn't call them poofs, or they'll beat you up) know which side their bread's buttered on.

My take on the whole EDL development is that it was very easy indeed for Zionists and doubtless also some non-Zionist interests involved in running British political culture from desks in MI5 (it's not as if Melanie Phillips only cooperates with Jews) to create the EDL and big them up.

Just put a few deals the way of one or two of their leaders, and they're yours.

Introduce them to a few of Arkan's followers and they'll rub against your leg; the ugly bastards will think they're a slick troupe of Corleones. Right?

(Incidentally, Arkan was assassinated by MI6, as came out in the Princess Diana inquest for those who had ears to listen, and UK-based interests had a lot of play in Serbia, to the point of involving kickbacks to Douglas Hurd. Oh and Arkan's mate di Stefano is also involved in British football. But I digress).

In terms of political meetings, faction fights, caucuses, policy documents, and all that honky shit, the EDL Jewish Division was central in the EDL's recent development.

The Zionists got themselves a right little bunch of bunnies, ready to do everything they wanted. Even got the stupid goy bastards, self-perceiving as English nationalists, to wave the Star of David in the street. Now how's that for useful bunnies?

So what did the Zionists do?

They went a little bit too far for their own good, that's what.

Holding Israeli flags on English-nationalist fascist street punch-ups against British-Asian Muslims provokes the enemy, so yes, it's not entirely stupid when the aim is to present the Muslims to a wider audience as being the enemy. And inside the EDL scene, or what for the moment is one of their main fishing grounds, it helps separate the totally pliable (those are who you most want!) from those who 'think twice' about switching political direction. So it's useful on that score too.

BUT it doesn't look too fucking sensible, does it?

I mean you aren't going to recruit many members of UK servicemen's families, or many middle-class tossers who don't like Cameron's talk of a "big society", or many "ordinary white British people" who haven't got to the point of wanting race war against the Asians, but who might possibly move their attitudes in that direction, or many police officers, etc., by waving a fucking foreign flag, are you?

Moral for Zionazi controllers of goy outfits: sometimes you've got to let poodles take their own decisions about how best to be poodles.

So...we get...the statement. Back down from being Vancier's English section. It don't look clever.

Oh, and get some schmuck to praise the Protocols. Or put him into the position where he wants to. The distinction doesn't matter much. (I don't have anything like the information that would be required to have an opinion on who Shaw is working for. It doesn't matter. That the EDL's line was dominated through its Jewish Division, which had links with Vancier's Jewish Task Force in the US, does matter).
b, I am enormously grateful for this background. Invaluable stuff here, especially the link between EDL and football hooliganism. That's a cultural detail we don't get here in the states.

That said, you are hypothesizing that there was some sort of Mossad recruitment of EDL leaders. Maybe so, maybe no. I haven't seen sufficient evidence -- beyond the sheer weirdness of a neo-fascist group waving Israeli flags as they go about their thuggish routines.

About Shaw's endorsement of the Protocols: I think you are overthinking that one. The guys is a bonehead, and a lot of bonehead literature has no doubt passed before his eyes. Boneheads are attracted to the Protocols myth, the way iron is attracted to a magnet. Simple as that.
By the way, b -- I would love to write more about this. In fact, I was even thinking about putting together a video on Breivik's strange connections.

But my readership stats went way, way down when this post appeared. Apparently, people don't want to read about Breivik!

Normally, I don't pay too much attention to the stats. If tens of thousands show up on any given day, great; if only a few dozen show up, great. Still...
Well, I certainly want to read about Breivik. I find it odd that other regulars wouldn't as well. Hey, it's your call Joe, but I'd love to see more on this topic for sure.
Joe, have you seen these articles? Via Xymphora ("The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America") ("Fear, Incorporated: Who's paying for all that Islamophobic paranoia?") ("Aubrey & Joyce Chernick and the Fairbrook Foundation") ("The Park51 money trail").

Thanks for your work!
Tangentially related, I figure you'd be interested if you haven't already stumbled on this before:
Just discovered another "Breivik"
"Terje Breivik, secretary general of the Liberal Party"

"In febuary, 2004 there was a debate on the internet forum belonging to the Norwegian liberal party."

And if You google "Terje Breivik"
You'll find A.Jones involvement.
--Just wondering, me.
Koch Brothers Caught On Tape - Obama & Osama Compared


Have you read the article Cenk mentions in this video and what do you think of this 'Top Secret' meeting to make the masses believe they are part of the Tea Party movement (as a grassroots org) when it is all the work of billionaires and millionaires working to get them (middle class) to work against their own interests. I find it shocking and at the same time recognize the same people must be pushing for it...seeing similarities in the PR and the 2008 election.
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