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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Killing the slaves that buried the Pharaoh

Pursuant to the dictates of the Conspiracy Theorist Full Employment Act of 2008, members of the SEAL team that raided the Bin Laden compound were themselves killed when a helicopter was brought down in Afghanistan.

As you know, many people asked many questions about that raid. Why did we originally read false reports that Bin Laden hid behind one of his wives? Why did the video feed allegedly cut out? What of the eyewitness accounts which say that Bin Laden, captured, was murdered at point-blank range? Why was the body buried at sea before a proper autopsy and objective identification?

Not to worry. We will soon have the the official Bin Laden Raid Comic Book, written and illustrated by a some fine creative people from the military. The comic won't give the names of the team members for security reasons.

I wonder if we will learn the names now.

Perhaps this post should have adopted a more mournful tone concerning the loss of life in that chopper. But with the reality of the situation so questionable, how can we know whether or not we are being fed a "Wag the Dog" scenario? How do we know what really happened? What if we are being asked to mourn fictional characters?

Personally, I would rather not be a professional conspiracy theorist. But it seems to be the only growth sector in today's jobs market.
The article I read says the Navy SEALs killed were part of the same team as wacked bin Laden not the same ones. Once again seems someone went for sensationalism rather than journalism.

These things gain a life of their own so I can imagine that we will be hearing how Obama ordered the death of the team mambers because he was the one gave the orders to execute bin Laden.
Joe, we've got to redeem the term "conspiracy theorist" or else find a less-dismissable synonym. To "conspire" means, literally, to breathe together--to plan with someone else. Countless things we accept as true, from the Confederate plot to kill Lincoln to the Al Qaeda plot on 9/11, are "conspiracies" because they involved more than one actor. Powerful people conspire with their peers all the time, from Arabian caves to American boardrooms; yet when the conspiracies are not proven to the satisfaction of the mainstream media or the lumpen proletariat, we ridicule investigators as "conspiracy theorists." There's no need to mock truth-seekers by lumping them all together. Some are whacked and some are wise. You, of course, are the latter, and those of us who are grateful for the return of your blog hope you keep digging without fear or self-consciousness.
Killing the slaves that buried the Pharoah

This may be the first time I've ever seen you misspell a word. It's "pharaoh".
ARRRRR! Thanks for the correction. I have fixed it.
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