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Friday, August 26, 2011

Good night, Irene

So, looks like hurricane Irene should hit me at some point on Saturday. Should I do anything to prepare? I'm going to be in an attic hammering away at my computer keyboard until/unless the power goes out. After that, I'll read by candlelight. Sound like a plan...?

I've experienced quakes aplenty, but as far as hurricanes go -- well, this one's my first. So I want it to be special.
Pam's House Blend has a good list of items to prepare. I copied it since I live in CA & thought it'd be good for my earthquake kit. Here's the link ...
I love you!
By all means, if a hurricane is headed your way, please prepare. Be ready to go without electricity for a week. This ain't no disco.
Depends on how close the hurricane hugs the East coast. The one tip I like is fill your bathtub with water so you can have someting to flush your toilet.

Also buy gas before they jack up the price, if it isn't too late.
Fingers crosed for ya Joseph!
I understand the gas lines are already long and aggravating [the sort that provoke fist fights]. My husband caught some film earlier this morning. He said it was a Carter-years redux with the gas lines snaking around for blocks and blocks.

If this is your first, Joe, make sure you have nonperishable supplies in [I'm told the local stations are recommending peanut butter, jelly and bread. Kids will love it at least], bottled water, batteries, battery radio, first aide kit with any daily medications you might need, gas lamps or candles and fill up your bathtub--extra water to drink if outtages are extended but basically to run your toilets. And have an escape plan/route, just in case you need to get out because of flooding.

Good Luck. Hopefully, the storm tracks off the coast and not inland. If it hits land in the Carolinas, it will slow the sucker down. I grew up in the MidAtlantic. Hurricanes are very unpredictable; they can switch on a dime. You just hunker down and wait until it blows over.

Peggy Sue
1) If they tell you to evacuate, do so. Don't be stubborn about this. Fill the car up and pack some bags, just in case you have to bug out in a hurry.

2) Your water supply may be interrupted for several days, or the water may be contaminated. Filling up the tub is a good idea - so is putting aside some drinking water. If you have to evacuate, take water with you.

3) You may lose power for several days, which means no refrigeration and no cooking. This may be true for several days,

4) You may lose phone service (including cellphone service) and internet. A battery-powered radio can be your friend.

5) See #1
Your reference to an attic suggests you're not in a mobile home. If you are, just leave. Now.

I don't know what your living situation is (house/townhouse/apartment), but you might want to take reasonable steps to limit damage - anything loose that might become a projectile should be removed or secured. Basically, if you don't want it slamming into you at 100+ MPH, it probably shouldn't be unsecured.
If you can board up your windows, that might not be a bad idea. If you can't, tape the glass so it doesn't shatter. Stay away from windows during the storm itself.
Some hints from a hurricane veteran:

Put an ax or something like that in your attic in case you have to evacuate up to your roof. Be prepared for no electricity for at least five days. Clean out your refrigerator completely. You’ll really be sorry if you leave any meat or food in there. Freezer too!! Hurricane lamps with oil last longer than anything with batteries and candles and they give off better light. You can play cards by them and read by them easily Fill your bathtub with fresh water. Freeze partially filled milk jugs with water so you’ll have some ice to freeze things for awhile if the electricity goes out and you’ll have a cheap source of drinking water. Flooding usually means they’ll shut down your water supply and your gas line. You can live off the pocket of gas for awhile. 4 drops of liquid bleach will purify 1 gallon of water of any nasty things that live there. You’ll go crazy from lack of information if you don’t have a battery powered radio. Get two sets of batteries for it. Plan for 3-5 days of no help from any one. Stock up on stuff in cans but don’t forget you need an old fashioned can opener. Keep your important stuff in a water proof container in case you have to evacuate through water. This is stuff like your passport, birth certificate, and insurance documents. Put a list of important numbers in there too. NO matter where you are, your cell phone will not work if the towers in your home town go down. I learned that the hard way. You may have to go to a phone store and have them reprogram your phone to a different set of towers to get reception. You’ll need that list of numbers. Call FEMA and file a report while the storm is hitting your area and avoid the rush. You can’t believe how much that helped me during Katrina. Also, make sure you have flood insurance now! As long as there is no flooding up to your doorstep, you can still get it. Do it now!!!!
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