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Monday, August 22, 2011

Follow up to previous post...

I noticed something odd about the responses to the previous post. Nobody answered the question. How bad does the Republican have to be to justify a vote for Obama in 2012? I'm not saying that YOU should vote for Obama. I'm not saying that Bachmann or Perry or Fill-in-the-Blank has a sufficiently high Awfulness Quotient. No, I'm just asking for you to tell me: How bad does the GOP nominee have to be?

Don't read anything into the question beyond that.
"How bad does the GOP nominee have to be?"
Barack Hussein Obama would have to run against someone like Lincoln. I'm not joking. I never found President Lincoln to be the admirable president history makes him.
What an anachronistic question Joe! I guess the old habits die hard.

In the Third World, the most important question isn't "Who is the candidate?" but rather, "Who is running our military?" I suggest that's the question frustrated Democrats should learn to start asking at election time.

Don't despair. So long as the Pentagon and permanent member states are in good hands, it should be possible for the world to weather a bad president.
As bad as Dick Gently would certainly do it for me.

Or Hitler, since you like the argumentum ad Hitlerum - though Adolph as president would be a lot less harmful to the US and the world than Adolph as Reichskanzler and then dictator of Germany was.

The thing is, there's never going to be that big a gap between the Dem and the GOPster candidates, here on planet Earth.

And as we watch the cycles go by we see today's Democrat taking the positions of the Republican of the day before yesterday.

They both move in the same direction at the same speed, and the Dem's are never more than a couple cycles behind.
the thought of "President Gingrich" would do it for me.
If it turned out to be a race between Palin, Bachmann, Gingrich or Perry vs. Obama I'd vote 3rd party. Otherwise, I'll vote Repub.
Sorry about that omission - I'd feel forced to vote for Obama if Perry or Bachmann or Gingrich got the nomination. I'd could live with myself if Huntsman or Romney were the GOP guy and I did a write-in or voted 3rd party or for a Dem challenger (if any) - and Republican's won.

BUT in any case -my vote is pretty darn useless, here in OK. They'll all vote for whoever the GOP presents 'em with - who their churches tell 'em to vote for.
Not one single district of the state had Obama winning last time.
DM, I would have a hard time voting for a corpse or zombie as well. He was tough when he was alive, as a zombie, I do believe he would be unstoppable.

I live in a red state--there's no way in hell Obama wins here, regardless of who the GOP candidate is. So, I'll register a vote of conscience, meaning I'll vote 3rd party or sit home [a first]. I don't support any of these people or the corrupt system that spawns and supports them.

But I do like a suggestion I saw earlier--voting in the primary against the worst candidates like a Bachmann, Perry, Santorum and Miss Sarah if she jumps in. If Huntsman is still around, I'd vote for him in the primary.

Peggy Sue
I will vote for the R no matter what - because that will force the Dems to be the opposition again. Any opposition to the R position will by definition be more leftward than Obama and the Dems are now.
Gaius: The name is spelled "Adolf." The PH spelling is American.

I am of the opinion that the argumentum ad Hitlerum should be permitted when these conditions are met:

1. The reference to Nazi Germany is truly germane and

2. The person making the reference has actually read a whole bunch of big, thick, non-wacky books about Hitler and the Third Reich.

Under those conditions, I am permitted and Glenn Beck is not.
Yes, some of us answered that question, and multiple times.

It's irrelevant. No amount of "scary" could ever entice me to vote for a fraud. I'm not afraid. We'll live through whatever we have to. If you (generic "you") are pissing in your pants instead of being pissed off, you're not living, anyway.

What is that Franklin quote about namby-pants choosing a sense of security over freedom and democracy? They deserve neither.

I'm really quite surprised at you, Joseph, and I don't mean this in any insulting way...but how big, bad and scary would the GOP candidate have to be to make one vote for a fraud is a shocking question for someone like you to have posed in the first place, because it seems so out of character. But sometimes it's hard to judge humor and/or trick questions from online. Still, answered, and answered amount of scare-mongering and bad times ahead would ever secure my vote for the fraud. So the "badness" of the challenger is fathomless, whoever is judging how "bad" that is. I won't vote for the Xtian or Mormon nutjobs running for president under the GOP banner, nor will I vote for the Trojan Ass in the White House trying to pass as a Dem.

He'll just have to steal my vote if he needs it so badly, the way he did in Michigan in 2008.
Joseph, you left me thinking about the issue of a fascist leader. I remembered back in 2008, my sister was terrified of Obama. She feared that the youth "Camp Obama" and Acorn were, in her mind, like the Brownshirts of Germany. She saw the organizations, the ruthlessness against Hillary's supporters, and the adulation and frenzy of Obama's gatherings as a preview of the coming fascist regime. I didn't agree with my sister. My fear of Obama was his moral character (duplicitous) and lack of experience and accomplishments. We needed an experienced president.

I don't see any of the Republican candidates having the blind support and ruthlessness of Obama's organization. Just saying.
Simple. I am in more fear of a fundamentalist or Dominionist Theocracy than anything else, because people will commit beastly acts when they think they have sanction from The Lord to do so. It isn't necessary to elaborate, is it? So Bachmann & her Dominionist backers qualify as motive for me to vote for Obama. Romney? Not so much. Mormons are a stern lot, but don't seem to be quite the zealots toward others that the Dominionists are.
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