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Tuesday, August 02, 2011


I'm so thoroughly pissed off about the whole debt ceiling business that I don't want to write about it. Not today, at least. Historians will soon agree that this self-inflicted crisis constitutes the worst disaster since the Depression, possibly since the Civil War.

Readers responding to the previous post seemed to favor turning our attentions elsewhere, as an expression of disdain for the current state of our political leadership.

Let us therefore turn to a more tolerable topic: Can dogs sense evil? In the video above, my ferocious hell-hound Bella is put to the test. And yes, the thing with the house is real. Just ask any of the kids in the neighborhood.
I remember the argument that Obama might have had a "horse" pulling for him. Whoever controls him, they have no interest in the welfare of less wealth 80% of Americans. If he is not doing his masters bidding, then he is either an idiot (I dont dismiss this) or an outrageous hypocrite. I have no idea which one but we will find out when the election comes. If he gets his second term then Im sure everyone else's sacrifice will all have been worthwhile.

What a total w*nker.

Pelosi secured the votes for the deal that finally came through. Why blame the Republicans or make them "evil"? It's been the Democrats, especially under Pelosi and Reid, that have voted for everything that the Republicans wanted. It's the same whether it's Bush or Obama. Both parties have the same goals. It's time to stop blaming the Republicans and make the Democrats responsible for their votes.

The left has been voting for the lesser of two evils and its support is taken for granted. The Republicans make their vote count. They are not afraid of the Democrats taking over for 2 or 4 or 6 years if in the end they can change the dynamics of their party by throwing out the people that don't vote their way.
Enjoyed the video - well played, Joseph! I was playing with Windows Movie Maker myself yesterday to help avert my eyes from the debt ceiling debacle.

Bella is adorable !!! I suspect that dogs sense love first, and if that's present they'll tolerate some evidenced by the last frame of your video.

If this debt ceiling stuff pulls another brick out from Obama's wall, helps to bring him down - maybe all is not lost. (Trying to find something positive from the wreckage).
Obama has a dog now, too. (Cue evil music.)

Carolyn Kay
Love the video and beautiful Bella! (Is "beautiful Bella" redundant?) I think she came on the property to protect you. Was Smilin Jack ever prosecuted?

The two parties are mirror images, facing each other, sometimes pretending to be different, wearing floating signs that dissimulate and/or mask the powerful totalitarian power they are welding. Elections are meaningless spectacles and we the domestic population are their targets. We are now under constant surveillance ad the fact that we expose them criticize them, confront them, only serves to make them stronger. This is Baudrillard, through Vija Kinski, in DeLillo's Cosmopolis. The solution is to push the system to its extremes in a excess of reality as Eric Packer does in Cosmopolis. Of course all the academics and reviewers interpret his actio as self-destructive, loser, manwhore etc. It is too dangerous a book to be take seriously. Let's hope Cronenberg and Pattinson do. I am.
djimm, Bella thanks you. All I know about that house is the local lore -- and now you know as much as I was told.
So... now we know that 80% of the voices of America are not present nor accounted for.

Ms. Vandal.

P.S. We're pretty lucky to have Bella in our lives. She makes it worth getting up in the morning for work. Not sure what we would have done without her. Well, one thing is for sure, Cannonfire wouldn't have a mascot!
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