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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Why did the NYT blame the Norway attack on Muslims? (Added note: Here come the conspira-kooks!)

Originally, the New York Times blamed the Norway terror attacks on a previously-unknown "jihadi" group. How did they come to this conclusion? See here for the full story.

Apparently, the NYT drew from a website run by Will McCants, who is connected with Johns Hopkins here in Baltimore. He got his info from a pro-jihad website called Shmukh. (The Mossad infiltrators must get a lot of fun from that name.) There is confusion as to whether the claim of responsibility really was a claim of responsibility; apparently, the original Arabic wording is unclear.

Of course, it is very possible that the unknown jihadi group in question was simply a Kitsonian "pseudo-gang." There is a lot more to be said about the Breivik affair. More to come.

Added note: This story looks like obvious balderdash.
A startling Federal Security Service (FSB) report on the 22 July massacre in Norway states that two-days prior to this catastrophic attack Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg [photo top right with Putin] placed an “urgent” call to Putin “begging” Russia’s leader to help stop the events that left nearly 100 innocent civilians dead.
The false-flag operations being modeled in Norway were based on the 19 April 1995 bombing attack on the Oklahoma Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building said caused a lone right-wing Christian fundamentalist who used a fertilizer bomb that killed 168, and the 28 April 1996 Port Arthur massacre in Australia where a lone gunman killed 35 mainly because the police failed to show up in a timely manner, and which the aftermath of both attacks caused a fundamental shift away from freedoms and liberties these peoples once enjoyed.

The FSB further reports that this false-flag attack on Norway was a “clear textbook example” of an Operation Northwoods operation designed and prepared by US Military experts.
And so on. The real motive, we are told, was to force Norway into joining the EU. We are supposed to believe that the conspirators thought that killing a bunch of kids on an island would help accomplish that goal. We are also supposed to believe that the Norwegian PM learned about this plot, and, in a desperate bid to stop it, called Putin (even though Putin was not a party to the plot) -- instead of doing something sensible like, y'know, calling the local cops.

Uhhh...right. That makes sense.

They did it. They really did it
, thought Stoltenberg. They killed all those kids. Why didn't Putin DO something? It's not as though I had any options. Oh well, nothing for it now but to keep quiet about what I know and join the E.U....

The FSB is the KGB, basically. There is, of course, no evidence that any such super-secret FSB report actually exists. If so, then where is it? Who translated it? How was it obtained? If someone in the FSB leaked it, then why not give it to the Guardian or CBS or Wikileaks or some other outlet that could assure that the report would be taken seriously? We get no answers to these obvious questions.

"Northwoods" looms large in the imaginations of those paranoid Americans who have become mired in 9/11 lunacy, but I doubt that it is a common reference point within KGB/FSB documentation.

The real question is: How did Alex Jonesian bunky-doo-doo like this get into the EU Times?
I thought the EU Times was published by Alex Jones.
After dropping the 'Muslim' nonsense, the NY Times repetitively shouted that Breivik's a Christian, a Christian, a Christian.

In that article, they report officials as saying he wants a "Christian war" (1st para), that he's a "right-wing fundamentalist Christian" (2nd para), and that he's "right wing and a Christian fundamentalist" (3rd para).

They're sure committed to their message.

Yeah, sure he's a Christian, but that identity doesn't seem particularly important to him, going by what he says about how he prepared during the last week or so before the terror attacks, and statements about how he and his controllers - er, sorry, I mean his comrades whom he met in London, who apparently seemed on exactly the same wavelength as him - are committed to a "Judeo-Christian Europe" (see for example p.1379)

The main organising concept in his insanity seems to be resistance to Eurabia, the project of cultural Marxism and Islam. We should recognise that he has been inspired by the vile Eurabia/Eurostan meme promoted by Zionist propagandists Melanie Phillips and Bat Ye'Or etc., in the 'Spectator' and 'Economist' etc. That's the main organising idea in this insane terrorist's head.

The question as to what his controllers believed ("Judeo-Christian Europe" or whatever) is not the most important one. Had it been necessary to put themselves across as neo-Nazi Hitler-lovers or Satanists or extreme Islamists or whatever, I'm sure they'd have done so. Or others in their organisation could have done so.

I'm tending to the view that his controllers, although they probably didn't control every aspect of his 1500-page tract (to what extent can even the most highly skilled controllers control everything that's done by someone who's insane?), they nevertheless may have wanted it to be published. Publication, in this scenario, would be part of the operation. It wasn't just something the man would do that his controllers couldn't talk him out of.

Of course, that doesn't mean there aren't things in it that they wish weren't.

In any case, the masonic apron etc. will put discussion of revealing bits of the text into the 'loony conspiracy' sector - they hope!

Here's another excellent article by Gilad Atzmon, entitled 'Israelis debate on the web: did Norway get what it deserves?' I assure people that that title is not unnecessarily lurid.

6:24 AM
The EU Times is about as "European" as Barack Obama. It's an ultra-right site based in Toronto.
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