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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"Whitey" and the silence of Brock

Although Media Matters published this article last May, it came to my attention just now.

In the piece, author Terry Krepel castigates World Net Daily for reviving (sans any new evidence) the claim that Michelle Obama once went on a tirade against "whitey" while a video camera whirred. According to rumor, a conspiracy has kept the tape suppressed.
Obama’s campaign has stated that “No such tape exists. Michelle Obama has not spoken from the pulpit at Trinity and has not used that word.” Even conservative blogger Michelle Malkin noted that the purported tape was being hyped by “buffoons” whose claims about it were constantly shifting.
The primary buffoon (and very buffoonish he turned out to be) was CIA-guy-turned-blogger Larry Johnson. Originally an agnostic on this score, I tried my best to see if there was any substance to Johnson's claims, but came up goose eggs.

Here's where it gets interesting: Johnson eventually confessed that he first heard the "whitey tape" rumor from Sy Hersh and...wait for it...David Brock. Brock, of course, runs Media Matters for America.

Now, please do not misunderstand what I'm saying here: I do not believe that the fabled tape actually exists. But I still want to know why Larry Johnson says he first got the story from David Brock. I've written to Brock more than once, asking for some clarification on this issue: Did he or did he not talk to Larry Johnson?

Nuthin'. No response.

Strange, huh?
Buffoon indeed.

Larry C. Johnson is a "noted expert" who wrote in the New York Times on July 10, 2001 that Americans "have little to fear" from terrorism.

How'd that work out?

Johnson's claim that he had heard about the "Whitey" tape from Sy Hersh AND David Brock has always stuck me as odd. Not odd that there was a rumor of this tape ( I knew of a few people here in Chicago that claimed to have been there when she made the offending comments yet have never been able to back up the claim that she in fact said what was attributed to her by Johnson among others)
But....That Brock has never ( as far as I can tell )come out and refuted Johnson's story!
Heck! This "whitey" thing is a Golden Oldie, isn't it? I remember it from the last election circus.

You know, I wouldn't blame M. Obama at all if she did say it. I'd go on a tirade against whitey myself if I had the opportunity - and I'm white!

I'd blame her more for not getting her husband to stick to his guns and promises to us.
It'll turn out Michelle was just railing against some jerk named Whitey.
No, she was saying: "Hey, did you see 'The Departed'? Jack Nicholson plays a character based on Whitey Bulger."
It took me a long time to find the quote but there probably is something to the tapes rumor though I only have some indirect evidence to cite (it actually comes out when discussing Obama so it may not reference Michelle.) That is a quote from some "leaked" Mark Penn e-mails--he was Clinton's campaign advisor in 2008. It went:
[if they come out of Iowa and it's a two-way race with Obama], "on Friday we do a media interviews (sic) and basically say that he is unvetted, discuss his ever-changing positions. Release the tapes. Create immediate pressure that deprives him of oxygen.'

Who knows just which tapes he was referencing but I suspect he was overruled by Clinton.

As for Michelle, she worked for Mayor Richard Daley, what more need you know?
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