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Saturday, July 30, 2011

What if the Republicans WANT Obama to "Do a 14th"?

Damn, but Riverdaughter was brilliant today. Nothing for it but to quote:
But what if getting Obama to invoke the 14th is Republican plan B? We assume that Obama can just do it and the courts will determine at some future date whether he was correct to do it or not. If everything works out OK, then it simply looks like a matter of it being better to ask forgiveness than permission. But we forget that the Republicans have 5 solid votes on the Surpreme Court on their side. Oh sure, Kennedy is *supposed* to swing like a pendulum do but in actuality, he doesn’t. He’s as much a movement conservative federalist as the other four. So, what if the court is already set up to say “NO!”. What then? Is it an impeachable offense? While I don’t think the House or the Senate have the votes to impeach, they can do a lot of damage in the interim, tying up legislation for months. Could they force him to resign? Bill Clinton was under pressure to do so over a little nothing affair but Clinton was a good president with a savvy political nature. Barack Obama, um, isn’t.

Is this effectively a coup? Is it domestic terrorism?
By George, I think she's got it. My advice (not that anyone will heed it): Obi should not rely on the 14th. Go minty. Mint up some trillion buck platinum coins. Money is arbitrary, right? I mean, intrinsically the $100 bill is worth no more than the $1. Both bills are simply pieces of paper with a nice art print on both sides.

The coin trick will have conservatives screaming that Obama relied on a mere illusion instead of solving the real problem. But all money is an illusion. And the Wall Streeters will prefer to believe in the trillion-dollar piece of sleight-of-hand rather than face a much harsher reality.

One final point, and I may elaborate on this in the future. I've been seeing a lot of tea party propaganda that denounces government spending as "so-called entitlements." Now, it is probably the case that most people who read this propaganda do not understand that by "entitlements," the baggers mean Social Security and Medicare. The baggers never mention Social Security directly in their propaganda. They want their dupes to think that when they use the word "entitlements," the reference actually goes to welfare payments which go to (hypothesized) unworthy and undeserving people of color, who arrogantly feel "entitled" to hand-outs. (The average person stupidly thinks that Uncle Sam spends a zillion times more on welfare than is actually the case.)

In other words, the writers of the propaganda mean one thing. The readers understand something else. And that intentional misunderstanding is the reason why teabagger politicians got into Congress and caused our current problem. If the baggers (or the manipulators behind the baggers) had been honest -- "We want to end Social Security; we want you to work until you drop" -- they would never have been elected in the first place.
I'm going to claim some credit for RD's post, since I expressed my discomfort with giving Scalia and Thomas an opportunity to rule on the exact meaning of the 14th Amendment language in her blog's comments a couple of days ago. That's bound to end badly.

As for "coin seignorage", platinum is too damned useful industrially to waste on proof-printed baubles (particularly, if, as I suspect, they'd end up being adorned with the Imperial Visage).

The budget authorization bill was passed after the last debt ceiling and must supersede it. It mandates spending in excess of the earlier debt ceiling - where a conflict like that exists, it seems to me that the President has no choice but to follow the more recent act of Congress and spend the money. To do otherwise would be to usurp Congress's legislative authority.
Of course, it's silly to argue about any of this, since Obama and the Republicans are really on the same side.
The problem with explaing the ss dilema to the masses is its typical advocates. The organizations or groups on the left with big resources who have the capacity to go out in the streets and explain exactly to the people what the tea party means. But what prevent them from doing it is that their leader is on the side of the TP on this issue. TP is not that strong it just has no real on your face oppostion.
Since there are no jobs here, why worry about the use of platinum. Now the issue of whose face is on the coin is another matter.

Excellent point, Joseph. I had not thought about that. And Americans are too stupid to see through it.
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