Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Was Murdoch physically attacked?

Woah. I was just watching the BBC feed of the "grilling" of Rupert and James Murdoch -- and suddenly it appeared that there was some sort of attack on Rupert. The video, alas, did not offer a clear angle. The chair of the committee suspended the meeting for ten minutes. So far, no explanation as to what happened.

Update: A guy with what looks like bandages on his face attacked Rupert Murdoch with a plate of "shaving foam." He was, in turn, swatted away by Rupert Murdoch's young wife Wendy.

Update: A reader informs us that when the cameras finally came back on in the committee hearing room, Tory MP Louise Mensch was discovered in a passionate embrace with Wendy Murdoch. The story has not been verified; Cannonfire is investigating.
I was watching and rewound it and watched on slow motion. Guy went after Rupert with a foam or cream pie. Got all over Rupert and his suit coat. Rupert's wife and another woman in a gray suit jumped up and got after the attacker. It was good to see women do the protecting.
When hearing resumed, Rupert was without his suit coat. Wouldn't put it past Rupert to have staged it to take focus off of what was being said.
Trophy wife earns her keep
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