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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Strange bedfellows indeed

There's a lot more to say about Anders Behring Breivik, including his interesting links to British Nationalists. The jury is still out as to whether he is Fjordman or merely a Fjordman fan. (Since "Fjordman" is a pseudonym, there may be several Fjordmen.) Breivik's ideological kinship to the vile Pam Geller is not in doubt.

Right now, I want to direct your attention to this piece in Dave Emory's non-blog. (Wow, never thought I'd be citing him.) Even though this entry was apparently written before the Norway atrocities, it has a bearing on Breivik and his motives.

Many a gourd was blown by Breivik's claims to be pro-Zionist and pro-libertarian and pro-"nationalist" (read: Fascist). We've all been trained to presume that psychotic gun-toting racists must be anti-Semitic monsters. Most people consider it very freaky to encounter a gun-toting racist pro-Semitic monster. Well, you had better rewire your presumptions, because we're going to see lots more of these counter-intuitive ideological confluences in the future.

Earlier in July, Israeli right-wing politicians got all lovey-dovey with a rather Hitlerific delegation from Russia...
Fol­low­ing on the heels of an Iraeli deputy minister’s schmooz­ing with a promi­nent Swedish neo-fascist financier, Aryeh Eldad’s hob­nob­bing with Ilya Lazarenko per­pet­u­ates a dis­turb­ing pat­tern of Zionist/fascist inter­face dat­ing back to the pre-World War II period.
Now, these are striking words coming from Dave Emory, who has a history as something of a blinkered apologist for Israel. One of his most frequent radio guests is John Loftus, whom I believe to be a Mossad asset. (And I'll make that accusation to his goddamned face.) So it's striking to see Emory link to this piece in Little Green Footballs.

Come to think of it, it's weird for me to link to Little Green Footballs. About anything. But, what the hell. These are strange times, and we all must adjust.

One of LGF's Russian-language source articles comes from here. Translation:
Russian nationalists met in Israel with right-wing Zionists

One of the leaders of Russia's National Democratic Alliance, who visited Israel together with his colleagues at the invitation of religious-right-wing Zionists, came to the conclusion that the two political forces have a lot in common ...
Following the visit, co-chairman of the movement Ilya Lazarenko came to the conclusion that the Russian nationalists and right-wing Zionists have much in common. "We are very much in common, and first of all - rejection of violent Islamism, which is a threat to civilization - he said to the portal IzRus.
"The national problem in Russia - this is primarily a[n ethnic] Russian problem, all the rest follow. The problem is that [ethnic] Russians don't have their own national state, their homeland. Just as Jews didn't have it for a long time," - said Lazarenko.
Doesn't this Lazarenko guy sound like he has a lot in common with Anders Breivik?

Another story cited by LGF speaks to the love fest between the Israeli right and Russia's neo-fascists:
Says Dr. Michael Pavlov: "About a month ago I was contacted by my friend, asking for help in organizing the visit to Israel of the movement of Russian National-Democrats. I was a little confused, because, in my understanding a Russian nationalist is a drunken member of Pamyat society, brandishing an ax, shouting "Beat the Jews - save Russia." However, looking at information about the movement of the national democrats, I was pleasantly surprised. It turns out that for a long time the movement takes the Israel-friendly stand, and was one of the few Russian organizations that fully supported Israel during "Operation Cast Lead."
"Operation Cast Lead" was the Gaza massacre, accurately described by Amnesty International as "22 days of death and destruction."

LGF writer Sergey Romanov brings it all home:
Ilya Lazarenko is best known as the founder of the so-called "Society of Nav", a defunct pseudo-occult organization. Another name - "Church of the Great White Race". It is described as a "racist ariosophic Gnostic-neo-Pagan organization which calls for the "rebirth of the Russian people as a part of the Aryan nations of the white race"...
The group patterns itself on the KKK. Who says America doesn't export anything?

Here are some fun observations published on Lazarenko's web site:
Although we have nothing against Hitler. He was a good man, loved animals, children and his people.
If we come to power, we will immediately introduce martial law, arrest the current government, restore the death penalty, will make Moscow a restricted area. We will revive the slogan "Beat the kikes, save Russia!"
It would be more reasonable for Jews to admit that 80% of the "Holocaust" consist of inventions of the Allied war propaganda. The war propaganda was never "objective". [...]

Being in sound mind, it is difficult to believe that "death camps" were effectively killing Jews up until the 70s, to get to the 6 million victims.
And yet Lazarenko is the kind of guy with whom the Israeli right wants to share a snuggie.

So don't be surprised when a murderous fascist like Breivik comes along, braying about how much he loves Israel just before he pulls the trigger on innocent children. Most Americans simply do not realize that much -- not all, by no means all, but much -- of Israel has turned into a strange and ugly place, a fascist-friendly place, where too many Jews fetishize the very jackboots that once crushed their ancestors.
Fuck off and die, Nazi filth.
Oh, Andy. Are you talking to me? Don't you think you should reserve that sort of commentary for Lazarenko -- or for the Israelis who think he's a peachy fellow?
David Emory is not a believable source. Over the decades his guilt by association and underground reich theory, has shown to be not credible. Just another red diaper mouth piece.
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