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Friday, July 01, 2011

RuiNation: It ain't about Obama

Riverdaughter links to Greg Sargent on the charge of deliberate economic sabotage:
In recent weeks, there’s been some question as to how far Dems are willing to go in making the explosive charge that Republicans are deliberately trying to sabotage the economy in order to improve their chances of defeating President Obama in 2012.

On a conference call just now with reporters, Senator Chuck Schumer made the most aggressive case we’ve heard yet along these lines, leaving little doubt that Dems are locking in behind this message as the deficit talks hit crunch time and as the 2012 campaign looms.

“Do they simply want the economy to go down the drain to further their political gain?” Schumer asked. “They seem to be against anything that may create jobs, because they view a weak economy as key to their political chances in 2012.”
They're right about the plan; wrong about the motive. This isn't about Obama. Most of the deficit was created by George W. Bush -- the tax cuts for the rich, the insane military spending, the bailouts. The trade imbalance and the destruction of American manufacturing were both caused by libertarian policies put into effect long before Mr. O got the oval.

The engineer wants to crash the train. Why? Because he wants to see it crash. The crash is the point; Obama is incidental.

They want to see the economy collapse in a huge spasm of Emmerich-esque Total Fucking Destruction. Financial Ragnarok will bring us to the point that Russia reached after Yeltsin took over. The U.S. will be forced to sell off all of her assets to the oligarchs at ridiculously low prices.

After that comes the formal end of democracy. Obama ain't got nothin' to do with it.
I agree with you. It's all part of a master plan.
Well, I agree with you that it is not about President Obama and that they want to crash the train -- it is just icing on the cake that the President is a (nominal) Democrat.

An intriguing theory, as always, Joe.

On the other hand, when we find ourselves talking about Republicans skillfully planning and executing intricate conspiracies, it might be time to take a break. I'm pretty sure Republicans are driven by little more than a pervasive malevolence toward their fellow human beings.
After eight years of Bush stinking up the joint America needed a leader, instead we got Obama. God must really hate us.
Both sides want to keep us talking about personalities. That's a given. When we reject the personalities, really mean what we say--circa Nixon era--they fear us, hunt us down & kill us. Joe, let me know when the tops have stopped spinning, hypnotizing...
I think you underestimate the extent to which the Republicans think that their proven ruinous policies are actually good for the economy. It doesn't matter how many times deregulation causes debacles or tax breaks for the richest cause deficits -- if they just stay true to the policies they KNOW are right, everything will be wonderful, for the rich at least but for everyone in the end as the economy prospers.
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