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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One quick question about 2008

Is there anyone who doubts that the country would be better off if McCain had won in 2008? We'd still be in terrible financial straits, but the Democratic brand would not be tarnished -- and there would be an opportunity for real reform, New Deal stuff, in 2012.

Added note. Ed Wood would have loved this headline (check it out before they change it):
The Future Deficit Can Inherently Exists In The Future
Because future events like these will affect the future. (By the way, the article is worth reading. And the headline does make sense, in context. "Can" is here a noun. Not that you'd know that without reading the article.)
I prayed like hell McCain would win because I knew not only of Obama's right-wing politics, but the fact that with a Republican in the WH, the Democrats would act like an opposition party and nothing would get passed that would damage people.

I am sure the GOP knew the economy would tank, so they deliberately threw the election to Obama to hang him with the economy and other issues.
I know that John McCain would have fought for his beliefs, they might not align with mine but he would have led from the front unlike our current CiC. Another plus, Hillary as a free agent unless John tapped her for a position in his administration.

Would he have allowed Sarah Palin free rein or would she have been muzzled?

If her taking on vested corruption in Alaska wasn't hype could she have used the position of VP to shame Wall Street and their knaves in congress?

So much for dreams, we are faced with the reality of one of the worst Democrat presidents ever.
What a stunning thought, and yet you're dead on.

McCain's record on human rights would almost certainly have been less fascist than Obama's. I never thought I'd see the day...
You're alone on that one, Perry. Many of us foresaw this day.
In the future, grammar has become even less important.
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