Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Obama warns of no Social Security checks...

Obama says that if there is no deal, Social Security and Vets benefits checks won't go out, starting August 3.
What about government employed torturers? When will their pay checks stop?

Oh silly me. Its about priorities.

Some have said that if Obama were to ignore the debt ceiling, only those who held Credit Default Swaps betting on a US default would have standing to sue.

If my August Social Security check does not show up, I guess I will have standing to sue. The question is, who do I sue?

It would have to be Obama, since he has allowed the Republicans to corner him where he has to choose which law he will break if the debt ceiling is not increased.
Obama is telling us the "Democratic" Party blew through your Social Security savings in only 2 years of off-budget spending. Democrats already spent every nickel in the Social Security Trust fund -- so are we supposed to increase their debt limit?
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