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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Norway terror attacks: The libertarian connection

Heretofore, I've not talked about the terror attacks in Norway. But it's time to discuss the mysteries surrounding the accused killer, described as an "anti-Islam nationalist."

The New York Times published initial stories blaming the attacks on a previously-unknown jihadist group. So did a number of other media outlets. The level of detail in these false stories is suspicious and worthy of further investigation.

The Norwegian media has now identified the chief suspect as an anti-Muslim right-wing extremist named Anders Behring Breivik. Witnesses at the youth camp believe that he did not act alone. I would be very surprised if much evidence of a second gunman comes out in the mainstream media. (Although see here.)

From Wikipedia:
Breivik has also identified himself as "pro-gay and pro-Israel"
The mainstream media cannot get its collective head around the possibility that someone can be both pro-Israel and a violence-prone extreme rightist -- even though there are quite a few Muslim-hating extreme right-wingers in Israel proper, and even though violent Israeli rightists once murdered an Israeli Prime Minister.

Thus, you get this hilarious reaction from The New York Daily News, which mentions Breivik's fondness for classical music, freemasonry, Winston Churchill, the film 300, the TV show True Blood, John Stuart Mill, World of Warcraft -- everything except for his pro-Israel zealotry. That part of his background is unmentionable. Blame video games, blame TV shows, blame anything but that.

We also have this depressing, absurd reaction from the Jewish Journal:
Anders Behring Breivik is not an anti-semite. That’s what makes my head spin. If the translations of his writings that I’ve read are accurate, he might even be a pro-Israel, philo-Semitic racist Nazi.
The writer then goes on to recount all of the very real anti-Jewish atrocities of WWII that took place in Norway. If you skim past the first sentence, the article might give you the impression Breivik really is an anti-Semite after all.

That absurd reaction makes my head spin.

It would be so much more convenient for neo-con propagandists if the killer were an anti-Semite. Republican fear-peddlers and far-right Jews would not have to face the consequences of their unrestrained, decade-long bashing of all Muslims.

Bigots like Herman Cain, Peter King, Pamela Geller, Newt Gingrich and Michelle Bachmann have long felt free to shout anti-Muslim bigotry without consequence. These people ludicrously and routinely pretend that all practitioners of Islam are potential bomb-tossers. Such rhetoric has consequences.

For a moment, let's not look at Breivik in terms of his feelings towards Jews and Muslims. Let's look at him, and at his fellow terrorists, from a different angle.

What do Breivik, Tim McVeigh, Dick Cheney, Mohammed Atta, Osama Bin Laden and the leaders of the Likud party have in common? Conservatism.

"Conservative" was the word Breivik used to describe his ideology in a YouTube video:
The video was uploaded by a user called AndrewBerwick on YouTube, hours before the bomb in the centre of Oslo went off, TV2 said. It calls for conservatives to "embrace martyrdom."

"[If] the multiculturalist elites of Europe continue to refuse to voluntarily transfer political and military power to our conservative revolutionary forces ... then [the second world war] is likely going to appear as a picnic compared to the coming carnage," the video stated in captions.
There are no left-wing terrorists any more, with the arguable exception of the Unabomber -- whom many would classify as a libertarian with an uncharacteristic eco-streak. You would have to go back decades to find examples of left-wing terrorism -- and even then, the "terrorist leaders" often turned out to be police provocateurs. (Look up the true history of the Red Brigades if you don't believe me.)

Here's an equation which, although over-simplified, will get you much closer to the truth than anything you'll find in either the mainstream media or the right-wing press:


Yes, there are differing tendencies at work here, differing types of conservatism and differing strains of terrorism. There are pro-Jewish, anti-Muslim terrorists like Breivik and there are anti-Jewish, pro-Muslim terrorists like Atta. Our understanding must be expansive enough to take into account both problems.

Beyond that, we must comprehend that both types of killers deserve to be called conservative. The targets of hatred are incidental; the quality of hate is the decisive factor.

All who would kill in the name of racial or religious bigotry are locatable on the right.
That's the factor they have in common.

(Of course, there are plenty of potentially murderous bigots out there who despise Jews and Muslims equally, or who have no opinion at all on the question of Israel.)

The Breivik conundrum runs deeper still.

One friend to this blog has directed our attention to a theory discussed primarily in some of the odder areas of the net. Is it possible that Breivik was the anti-Muslim blogger who operated under the name "Fjordman"? From Wikipedia:
Fjordman is an anonymous Norwegian blogger. He writes articles critical of Islam and he regards Muslim immigration as posing a threat to Western civilization.
Fjordman was widely regarded by other blogs critical of Islam as an expert in his field. Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch calls him the "great European essayist" and "the superb European writer". He is generally referred to as the "noted" blogger.

His articles, which are often lengthy, are widely quoted in various blogs and right-wing sites critical of Islam, such as Global Politician, FrontPageMag, Jihad Watch, Brussels Journ Little Green Footballs, Free Republic and Daily Pundit among others, and quite often printed verbatim.
Fjordman is also a featured contributor to Pamela Geller's smelly libertarian cyber-rag Atlas Shrugs; see (for example) here. In that hate-filled essay, Fjordman denies the existence of "moderate Islam."

Apparently, Breivik himself has claimed to be Fjordman. However, this identification has been questioned.

This site -- which, let me quickly add, may not be your idea of the world's most reputable source -- nevertheless offers some intriguing data which further research may confirm or deny:
Norwegian bloggers are reporting that Breivik is the author of a blog called Fjordman and that he’s guest blogged for Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch and Gates of Vienna “for years.” As Breivik, he publicly praised one of her posts. Elise Hendrick has translated a passage from Realisten which confirms that Fjordman and Breivik are one and the same:
According to his own statements, Anders Behring Breivik previously operated the blog ‘Fjordman’, and later wrote for many years under the pseudonym Fjordman for the anti-Muslim and Zionist blogs Gates of Vienna and Jihad Watch.
I was curious about the views of such an individual would be regarding Israel. And lo and behold, the educated terrorist doesn’t disappoint. Here is his Why Europeans Should Support Israel. With friends like this does Israel need enemies?
At this writing, I can't state that Breivik is Fjordman. But the identification seems quite possible. (Incidentally, the mighty Seixon -- remember him? -- is a Fjordman reader, although they have come into conflict.)

Since a few of you may now be dying to put words into my mouth, let me be clear on one point: No, I am not offering nonsensical theories about Mossad involvement in the attack. My argument is much simpler, and much more difficult to counter: Words of hatred and dehumanization -- the kind of words that people like Pam Geller and David Horowitz routinely employ -- inevitably set the stage for murder.

We saw this basic principle in action in Nazi Germany. We saw it in Rwanda. We've seen it in the Balkans. We've seen in it Ireland. We've seen it in Lebanon and in Israel. We've seen it many, many times in the United States of America, especially in the southern states.

And now Norway.

Added note: For aficionados of the ultra-weird, check out what Alex Jones has to say about these events. The news that the killer considers himself a libertarian is making some of our most noteworthy internet nutjobs act even nuttier than usual.
1) Breivik's not Fjordman. Fjordman has been posting away over at Gates of Vienna throughout this whole thing. Not the same dude. Evidently the confusion arose due to the fact that there is a blog called "Fjordman" that is in fact not run by Fjordman, but that has reprinted some of his material as well as some of Breivik's. The two are ideologically similar, though.

2) This whole thing reeks of false flag. The original plan may have been to pin this attack on Muslims. That would explain both Breivik's motives and the original news stories claiming that "Islamic terrorists" were responsible.

3) You may or may not be interested in these distinctions, but I feel obligated to point out: Breivik cannot be considered a White nationalist. What Breivik himself termed the "Vienna school" (i.e. the ideology centered around the blog Gates of Vienna), is explicitly pro-Israel and anti-racialist, though militantly anti-Islamic. Contrast that with someone like David Duke, who is extremely critical of Zionism and is welcomed as a guest of honor in Muslim countries. White nationalists prefer to focus less on the immigrants themselves, and more on the treasonous elites (largely Jewish) who are letting them flood into our countries in enormous numbers. We basically hate the Gates of Vienna types and they hate us just as much. (And yes, I'm sure you'll be surprised to know that you have at least one WN among your readership. I basically agree with you on economics/libertarianism.)
The only tweak I would make to your argument, Joseph...and to me it's the most important factor, is that who CARES if the faction of religious zealots is "left" or "right?" The point is, religious TOLERANCE kills, too, because the entire world's wars can be laid at the feet of ef em all. And as for the tired rebuttal that all wars are financial and only use religion as a "cover" --- again, who CARES? If it weren't for the sanctimonious sh!ts of all stripes we'd all be part of the REALITY-based community, and be able to accept or reject being warmongers on that basis.
Can't agree, zee. Atheists can also be right-wing extremists. Have you forgotten...?
"All who would kill in the name of racial or religious bigotry are locatable on the right."


See the kind of posthumous veneration given to Baruch Goldstein. It's true that those who venerate him don't believe in a universal God (unless one stretches a definition to include believers in a tribal 'God' who backs ethnic supremacism), but there's something extremely 'holy war' about their horrifically insane mindset.

'Gates of Vienna' anti-racialist?? One of its key memes is 'Eurabia'. The idea is akin to saying the blacks are about to take over America unless they're stopped. I can't see how it can be construed as non-racist, whatever denials some of its espousers might make.

I'm ready to believe there are a few seriously mentally ill individuals who dream away in isolation about committing such massacres as the one that Breivik appears to have carried out on Utøya, whether alone or not alone, and who may even sometimes realise their psychotic fantasies.

But I'm not prepared to believe that those with such a side to their personalities who actively militate for several years in extreme right-wing political circles are somehow unspotted by any intelligence service or other agency which is in the business of spotting, cultivating, managing, and ultimately controlling such people for its own purposes. It's very unlikely that such individuals go unnoticed, and it's also unlikely that they are too intelligent and wary to be cultivated and managed.

Mossad could be in the frame for managing this guy even if they didn't tell him to do these particular actions, at this particular time. There has been a general shift among far-right and Nazi-influenced parties in Europe towards strong support for Israel. A single cause is indicated.

It has to be said, though, that support for Israel, although present, does not appear to be the main organising theme in the '2083' document.

In any case, the plan may may have gone as his managers intended. The western media reaction is extremely insidious. At the start, the line they screamed was that Muslims did it. The Muslims are coming! This is Norway's 9/11! We all stand with Norway in its hour of greatest need!

This reinforces exactly the message that Breivik appears to have wanted to spread.

But the bomb in Oslo, symbolic as it was (main government building becomes bomb site) killed as many people as a couple of particularly bloody car-crashes.

It's as if a bigger massacre was planned for Oslo and the speeches were already written. Certainly the Utøya and Oslo massacres are being conflated in propaganda over and above what would be justifiable because they seem to have been carried out by the same person on the same day. Most newspaper readers just look at the pictures and the headlines.
I'm now off to check out the '2083 - European Declaration of Independence' document, attributed to "Andrew Berwick" (why Anglicise his name?), which at first glance seems to push an Order-State ideology which is straight out of Julius Evola.

I'd really like to hear a response from big-media Zionazi 'Eurostan' merchants such as Melanie Phillips - who undoubtedly have the blood of innocents on their hands, as do the fucking Randroids and teabaggers.

Is the '2083' document really by Breivik?

Why is the place of publication given as London?

This document is going to be discussed to such a huge extent that it will be hard to make sensible conclusions about it.

How long will it be until over-interpreters read '2083' as '20-8-3', meaning 'THC', for 'tetrohydrocannabinol'?

For example, take even the following sentence (p.278):

"I would strongly advise all Justiciar Knights to visit Valetta, Malta, and Jerusalem, Israel."

So has Breivik visited these two cities?

On p.1162 he writes:

"It will take from 20-70 years
for Norwegian cultural conservatives to seize political and military power and I doubt it
will happen until after one of the large European countries are liberated; the UK, France
and Germany. This is essentially why I’m writing this compendium in English and the
reason why I have dedicated most of my time to assist my English brothers in their
patriotic struggle."

Elsewhere there are suggestions of a familiarity with British culture:

"The ACAB mentality (All Cops Are Bastards) is a useless and counterproductive
philosophy. The cops/system protectors are NOT our targets and they never will be.
Instead, the Knights Templar, consider them speed bumps on the way to our target


"It is highly advisable to structure any street protest organisation after the English Defence League (EDL) model as it is the only way to avoid paralyzing scrutiny and persecution."

The document is not polished and contains an enormous amount of badly thrown together mad shit, e.g.:

" Religion is a crutch for many weak people and many
embrace religion for self serving reasons as a source for drawing mental strength (to feed
their weak emotional state f example during illness, death, poverty etc.). Since I am not
a hypocrite, I’ll say directly that this is my agenda as well. However, I have not yet felt
the need to ask God for strength, yet... But I’m pretty sure I will pray to God as I’m
rushing through my city, guns blazing, with 100 armed system protectors pursuing me
with the intention to stop and/or kill. I know there is a 80%+ chance I am going to die
during the operation as I have no intention to surrender to them until I have completed
all three primary objectives AND the bonus mission. When I initiate (providing I haven’t
been apprehended before then), there is a 70% chance that I will complete the first
objective, 40% for the second , 20% for the third and less than 5% chance that I will be
able to complete the bonus mission. It is likely that I will pray to God for strength at one
point during that operation, as I think most people in that situation would.
I can’t possibly imagine how my state of mind will be during the time of the operation,
though. It will be during a steroid cycle and on top of that; during an ephedrine rush,
which will increase my aggressiveness, physical performance and mental focus with at
least 50-60% but possibly up to 100%. In addition, I will put my iPod on max volume as
a tool to suppress fear if needed. I might just put Lux Aeterna by Clint Mansell on repeat
as it is an incredibly powerful song. The combination of these factors (when added on top
of intense training, simulation, superior armour and weaponry) basically turns you into
an extremely focused and deadly force, a one-man-army. At the moment, I do not fear
death, but I am very concerned about being afraid on the day of the mission. I’m afraid
that the potential fear I might experience during the mission will paralyze me or will result in me “crapping my pants” so to speak. Theoretically, this will not happen, as I
have grown to be extremely mentally disciplined and I have undergone numerous hours
of training and simulations. Nevertheless, it is impossible to properly simulate a
martyrdom operation so I am still somewhat concerned for my mental state during that

" I came in contact with Serbian cultural conservatives
through the internet. This initial contact would eventually result in my contact with
several key individuals all over Europe and the forming of the group who would later
establish the military order and tribunal, PCCTS, Knights Templar. I remember they did a
complete screening and background check to ensure I was of the desired calibre. Two of
them had reservations against inviting me due to my young age but the leader of the
group insisted on my candidature. According to one of them, they were considering
several hundred individuals throughout Europe for a training course. I met with them for
the first time in London and later on two occasions in Balticum. I had the privilege of
meeting one of the greatest living war heroes of Europe at the time, a Serbian crusader
and war hero who had killed many Muslims in battle. Due to EU persecution for alleged
crimes against Muslims he was living at one point in Liberia. I visited him in Monrovia
once, just before the founding session in London, 2002.
I was the youngest one there, 23 years old at the time. One of the key founders
instructed the rest of the group about several topics related to the goal of the
organisation. I believe I scribbled down more than 50 full pages of notes regarding all
possible related topics. Much of these notes are forwarded in the book 2083. It was
basically a detailed long term plan on how to seize power in Western Europe."

"I did not
fully comprehend at the time how privileged I was to be in the company of some of the
most brilliant political and military tacticians of Europe. Some of us were unfamiliar with
each other beforehand so I guess we all took a high risk meeting face to face. There were
only 5 people in London re-founding the order and tribunal (1 by proxy) but there were
around 25-30 attending in Balticum during the two sessions, individuals from all over
Europe; Germany, France, Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Balticum, Benelux, Spain, Italy,
Greece, Hungary, Austria, Armenia, Lebanon and Russia."

OK this is my last extract from the book '2083' by the insane mass-murderer Anders Breivik, writing under the name Andrew Berwick:

"Electronic or telephonic
communication was completely prohibited, before, during and after the meetings. On our
last meeting it was emphasised clearly that we cut off contact indefinitely. Any type of
contact with other cells was strictly prohibited."

"This was not a stereotypical “right wing” meeting full of underprivileged racist skinheads
with a short temper, but quite the opposite. Most of them were successful entrepreneurs,
business or political leaders, some with families, most of them Christian conservatives
but also some agnostics and even atheists. I remember it struck me how impressed I
was regarding how they had set up the screening parameters (for accepting new
candidates). They obviously wanted resourceful pragmatical individuals who were able to
keep information away from their loved ones and who were not in any way flagged by
their governments. Every one of them was supportive of a Judeo Christian Europe and
did not have any reservations against cooperating with non-European Christians Hindu or
Buddhist nationalists. I had or have a relatively close relationship with at least one of
them, an Englishman, who became my mentor. He was the one who first described the
“perfect knight” and had written the initial fundament for this compendium. I was asked,
not only once but twice, by my mentor; let’s call him Richard, to write a second edition of
his compendium about the new European Knighthood.

Richard who?

Breivik's father Jens Breivik was a diplomat (Commercial Counsellor) in the Norwegian embassies in London and Paris.

His father married Tove Øvermo, who was also a diplomat: a Vice-Consul.

2083 seems to be chosen as the 400th anniversary of the battle of Vienna in 1683.

AB seems to have travelled to a Templaroid 'founding meeting' in London in 2002.

Used poisoned bullets at Utoya?

Just in case anyone didn't know it already, the guy is totally insane:

"Regardless of the above cultural Marxist propaganda; I will always know that I am perhaps
the biggest champion of cultural conservatism, Europe has ever witnessed since 1950. I am
one of many destroyers of cultural Marxism and as such; a hero of Europe, a savior of our
people and of European Christendom – by default. A perfect example which should be
copied, applauded and celebrated. The Perfect Knight I have always strived to be. A
Justiciar Knight is a destroyer of multiculturalism, and as such; a destroyer of evil and a
bringer of light."

One question raised by '2083' is how important is the EDL on an international level??

"Norwegian Intelligence Agency (PST) annual estimates - 2011
Feb 28 th : The Norwegian Intelligence Agency (PST) just released its annual report on terror
estimates in Norway. I have been waiting for this report for several weeks now. Apparently,
it’s the same expectations as usual when it comes to Islamic terror; imminent danger.
However, they then specify that the largest right wing threat in Norway is that a subsidiary
of English Defense League (EDL); Norwegian Defense League (NDL) is in the process of
gaining strength. They also state, between the lines, that both EDL and the NDL are
dangerous and violent right wing extremists that adhere to racism, fascism and Nazism."

Sky News:

"In some ways, the writings (by Breivik) are a mirror image of those of Osama bin Laden, laying out views of why society is in crisis and how only "propaganda by deed" will inspire the masses to action."


And then we get:

"Breivik appears to have chosen the date 2083 because it will be the 200th anniversary of the death of Karl Marx.

!! (Not true; Battle of Vienna, 1683).
The guys that invented the language we speak have decided that two political/religious conservatives have used it in such a way as to deny them entry into the UK.

Even today on his web site Michael Savage is questioning if the story about Anders Breivik isn't a cover up and the real perpetrators aren't Muslim terrorists.
More on the Breivik case.

Who's the "Englishman"? And is Breivik's stepmother a spook?

According to Breivik, in 2002 he was at the founding meeting of an international "Knights Templar" terror network in London, where he was probably the youngest person in attendance. There, he got "mentored" by an ever-so-nice "Englishman".

Who was this "Englishman"?

Might MI6 know? Might they want to find out? Because if he's not one of theirs, he's likely to be a little bit of a security risk, right?

Second question: did Breivik see his stepmother Tove Øvermo at that time? She was high up in the Norwegian consulate in London.

He talks about her in '2083'. Readers should appreciate just how 'sleepwalky' Norwegian bureaucrats are before they read this next bit. He writes:

"People in her position are just unwilling to make any meaningful sacrifices as her career would be immediately terminated by the regime if she criticized them. Career termination followed by blacklisting and harsh vilification and character assassination is not a price most people of her position are willing to pay. (...) Regime sub-leaders such as her are on auto pilot though, and partly disconnected from reality and thus partly unaware of their own war crimes."

before going on to say that he wouldn't blame the "Knights Templar" if they murdered her.

This reminds me of the perpetrator of the Hungerford Massacre in the UK, who actually did murder his mother as well as the other people he shot. Big-time unresolved mother problem.

One also wonders whether he himself had attended the Labour Party youth summer camp at Utøya when he was younger. It's a big thing in the Norwegian political calendar. Half the kids of the state bourgeoisie go to it.

They usually have a 'proclamation' at the end of it. Some new policy, or some such shit.

Anybody know what it was, or what it was going to be, this year?

Anyway, back to his stepmother. Breivik wrote in Feb 2011 that he was scheduled to meet her the following month. He says he thought he'd just end up talking about "the usual social BS, to prevent raising any red flags".

He also says that during their last meeting, they discussed "the central aspects of Wahhabism" and he was "really impressed" with her knowledge on the matter.

She's a spook, isn't she?

He also says that if he manages to survive after committing the atrocity he's planning, he thinks the authorities will throw all sorts of accusations at him. For some reason, he believes one of these will be incest.

Might his stepmother be not exactly unknowledgeable (hello Orwell) where matters of spooked up right-wing terror networks are concerned?

She and his father wanted to raise him in Paris, but lost the child custody battle.

And how come some reports (government records, according to the WSJ) say he did military service, when he himself says he didn't?

Might his state service at conscription age have been of more spooky kind?

Just read this over at Huff-n-Puff.

Another step closer to total dictatorship?

Would love to read your take on this.....

"Super Congress": Debt ceiling negotiators aim to create new legislative body.

BTW...Where's the uproar over this from the Tea-Baggers and the Daily Kooks?
I wrote:

"They usually have a 'proclamation' at the end of (the Norwegian Labour Party's summer camp). Some new policy, or some such shit. Anybody know what it was, or what it was going to be, this year?

This proclamation is usually big news in Norway.

I was wondering whether this year it might be connected with Palestine. I've now heard there was a "pro-Palestinian" event at the camp the day before the murders.
According to Ynetnews, the Norwegian foreign minister Gahr Stoere visited the camp 2 days before the massacre, shortly after he met the Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas. He said Norway would recognise Palestine, but not just yet, and would wait until the Palestinian resolution gets discussed at the UN in September. Some carried "Boycott Israel" banners.

The youth section of the Norwegian Labour Party is the Workers Youth League (AUF). The AUF is the organisation that owns the Utøya island. The camp is its show.

The AUF supports a financial embargo against Israel.

I suggest that this was going to be the big story of this year's camp. (If anyone can confirm or disprove this, please do!)

Until, that is, a pro-Zionist terrorist, mentored by an unknown "Englishman", murdered nearly 100 of the people attending the camp.

For fuck's sake!
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