Saturday, July 09, 2011

In which I try to solve music's greatest mystery

Guest starring: The Hunchback of Notre Dame! Jesus! Michele Bachmann! And a really cute puppy!

(This is a non-political weekend post.)

This project was originally intended to be a short demonstration piece for a fellow aficionado concerning my proposed solution to the greatest mystery in music. The video turned into a ridiculously discursive and sarcastic audio/visual essay on the relationship between Hollywood and so-called "high" culture.

Will this piece be of interest to most of you? I'm not sure. If you absolutely cannot endure the classics, the first two minutes may give you the fidgets. But if you can make it past that point, you should get some fun out of this. This project even gave me the chance to stage my very own Apocalypse, just like Roland Emmerich.

Of course, the real audience for this video is a single individual whose name I do not yet know. You'll understand what I mean if you stick with it to the end.
My classical music knowledge stands at 4 of 10 but even I followed your theme. This is the kind of presentation that should be done in Music 101. Great work with the video editing, too!
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