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Wednesday, July 27, 2011


How about...Barack Obama switches parties, John McCain switches parties, and we have a rematch of 2008? I know which one would have my vote.
He'd have us in even more wars.

His record of lying about progress in Iraq is enough to disqualify him
as well.

Only thing he's done recently which is positive is endorse Glass Stegall, I'll give him that.
How about Bernie Sanders instead?

From what I read the spirit of Lexington and Concord still flows in him. The only guy in congress that acts like a Democrat is an Independent. Go figure.
In 2008 there were two men vying for the presidency. One was telling the truth about who he was and one was lying about who he was. Not terribly impressed with either man, I opted to choose the one telling the truth.

The path of a liar is twisted and to follow it means you will be forever lost. While you may not like what you see straight ahead, you are far better off for seeing it coming.
Unfortunately, Obama has destroyed the Democratic Party beyond repair. No Republican--not even John McCain--would want to take the helm of a dead party.
Would it make a whole lot of difference ? Wouldn't the results be much the same, apart from just a few minor fringe factors?

Personality-wise, given the narrow choice Joseph suggests, and knowing what we know now, sadly I'd choose McCain.
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