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Saturday, July 16, 2011


The previous post came to a tentative -- and, to me, quite counter-intuitive -- explanatory scenario of Murdoch-gate: The whole scandal may have been engineered to make sure that the liberal James Murdoch does not attain his father's throne.

Now zoom back for a wider view. This is the great problem besetting those who want to revert Western society to a corporate version of feudalism: Any given dynasty's second (or third) generation may be composed of more-or-less reasonable human beings who don't view proles as an alien species.

Think of Henry Ford, the man who made Adolf Hitler what he is. His heirs have been far more decent. Think, too, of the Rockefellers. Believe it or not, the Mellon-Scaife clan has whelped up some very responsible people.

Then there is the Bush clan. Yikes.

Well, who knows? Perhaps Jenna will blossom into another Lady Di. Perhaps crazy-eyed George P. Bush (whom we will affectionately nickname P) will become an anti-war activist. Perhaps...


Added note:
But Lauren...her, I like.
Wow, interesting link to Lauren Bush. Evenly divided info on the woman herself...and on her Family. Talk about's creepy how many of the Bushes gave their kids the first or middle name of Pierce (Babs' maiden name). Lauren's marrying into a fashion dynasty, so to speak...a (Ralph) Lauren. I wonder if she will trade her fashion identity from Lauren Pierce to Lauren Lauren?
I always appreciate your ability to analyze both the real politique and its parapolitical subtexts--few do it in the blogosphere and fewer do it as well. Here, anything that takes NewsCorp down is a good thing. In Britain and US, NotW and Fox/NY Post are the communications and research arm of the Tory/Republican right, with multiple ties to the finance/energy/military/spook elite. A major (but not the only) vehicle of the long psy/ops campaign that has battered lib Dems, (Clinton endured two years of it), Fox won't be happy until the US economy is eviscerated and its entrails put up for sale to the highest bidder, ala post-Soviet Russia. Which, come to think of it, may happen next week.
Lauren Lauren?


Carolyn Kay
It was so infuriating when bloated talking heads blathered about a "Clinton Dynasty." Compare with the Bush - Pierce clan.

@Caro, oh, totally...if I were Lauren I'd marry the man for the name alone.

Sadly, if I had the chance to become Zee Zee, someone would inevitably tease "Top."
It's been more than a week since the Scripps-Howard News Service first distributed its amazing (in that it was published at all) story about the New York Congresswoman demanding that Social Security explain why most of the 9/11 victims are missing from the agency's Master Death File.

Now that should have been plenty of time for each of the highest-visibility "conspiracy-sleuthing" websites, such as Rense, PrisonPlanet, 911Blogger, etc. (each of whom probably has paid staffers who troll the web hourly looking for suspicious/sensational/inflammatory stories about nefarious plots and cover-ups) to discover and re-post Scripps-Howard's story -- from at least one of the syndicate's few subscriber newspapers that dared to carry the story or from the various search-engine links that were then automatically generated.

But no, you won't find that story at any of these obviously "controlled-opposition" distraction sites, and it doesn't even show up in the embedded, site-only, Google-provided search engine on Scripps-Howard's own site anymore!

Yes, a few, much lower-traffic locations do still have the story posted or linked, such as Simon Shack's, Dr. Fetzer's and Phil Jayhan's forums, but just like the discovery, several weeks ago, of massive fakery and impersonation in Tuscon, this is a story that all those "gatekeepers wrapped in truther's clothing" clearly have their orders not to touch.

Oh, to be a "fly on the wall" in the offices of Rep. Carolyn Maloney or Scripps-Howard reporter Thomas Hargrove -- when the edict came from "on high" to DROP IT NOW!!!

Of course, there's always the possibility the perps will, at some point in the future, come forth with a semi-plausible "explanation" for all the missing names, but since at present they weren't ready to do so -- THE STORY HAD TO DIE QUICKLY.

And what an ingenious way to bury it -- by quickly creating a reinforce-the-fakery meme ("All the victims were real because Murdoch's goons tried to hack their phone messages!")-- to ride on the coattails of the genuine Murdoch scandal currently being pumped up by his out-for-blood British enemies!
Lauren Booth, Tony Blair's sister-in-law, is also great.
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