Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bernie says it: Primary Obama!

Bernie Sanders says someone should primary Obama. Bravo! At this point, I don't care who does it, or if the challenger has any chance of winning. Purely as a symbolic measure, we need someone who will stand up for Democrats and shout: This man does not represent us.
It would be best if it was a strongly left leaning African American woman who has a background in congress like Cynthia McKinney
The problem is, anyone who primaries Obama can expect to have his or her reputation thoroughly destroyed. If he can do it to the Clintons, he can do it to anyone.
Sanders/Warren - If we simply HAVE to stick with 2 parties, though why this is the only way is a mystery. Both parties answer to the same master these days. Maybe this wasn't always the case, I don't know, but loyalty to a party who doesn't represent one's needs any longer is as daft as Okies and Kansans voting for Republicans, against THEIR own best interests.
There are lots of good Dems, Twilight. We just have a bad Democratic president. Suck it up, and work to improve the situation.

There will NEVER be a third party that represents our interest. Tom Friedman's little outing is simply another Libertarian conspiracy.
Joseph ~~~ If there really ARE lots of good Dems, then one of them WILL step forward and primary Obama. We'll see. The 3rd party proposed by Friedman isn't what I had in mind - Libertarianism isn't any better than right-wing conservatism.

Democratic Socialists are what's needed. If they have to remain as a wing of the Dems, it'd be better than nothing.

If nobody primaries Obama what does it say about the Democrats?
(rolling eyes) "He" didn't "destroy" the Clintons' reputation. If anything the Clintons are now getting grudging admiration from those who used to say worse things about them than the O-followers. That said, it would be very interesting to see who would most vilify any challengers: the Republicans, the current regime, and/or the media. Warren/Feingold would make a dream team. We'd want Franken and Sanders to stay where they are. I'll add a second, pre-emptive, eye-roll here in case anyone suggests Kucinich.
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