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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wal-Mart boys' club

Eighty-six percent of Wal-Mart managers are male. Most of the lower-down employees are female. Naturally, many women working for Wal-Mart believe that job discrimination is taking place. Last year, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals said that employees could sue the company.

Alas, the Supreme Court under Justice Roberts struck down that decision. The reasoning: No-one could identify a specific, written corporate policy favoring gender discrimination.

This ruling does not affect Wal-Mart alone. That's why a lot of other companies (including Microsoft and Bank of America) helped Wal-Mart convince the Supremes.

The Obama administration has refused to comment on the ruling. Talk is cheap, but Obama won't offer even that.
Last question: If (as the tea partiers continually bray) Obama is in the clutches of Big Labor, then why doesn't the guy ever do anything for labor? (From previous post.)

Does this answer the question.
Well put. My favorite was the "reasoning" that the Supremes agreed with Walmart that the 1 million women in the lawsuit didn't have enough in common for a "class action." Hello. they had the one salient factor in common.
Congress could fix the problem but don't hold your breath.

As far as they're concerned, this is fixing the problem.
The June 19 edition of the Lancaster Sunday News, in the Perspective section had an article about the Democrats wooing women voters. Who ever wrote that one must have their head inserted somewhere that is anatomically impossible. They forgot how the party treated Hillary and how Obama caved to Bart Stupak during the Health Insurance Company Bailout talks on abortion.
Not only for women but this ruling practically eliminates any possibility of ANY Class Action Suit ever being brought before a court of law EVER again.
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