Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Too many jobs

Over on the Confluence, there's an interesting discussion on Obama's bizarre declaration that America suffers from a shortage of scientists and engineers. How could he say such a thing when so many good scientists (including riverdaughter) are on unemployment?

Statements like these provide cover for outsourcing -- and for the importation of underpaid Asian scientists. The great unnoticed achievement of the Obama administration has been his trade agreements with India and South Korea, which he has tried to package as a deal to create jobs in the U.S. That's hooey, of course.

Until Obama went over to India last year, that nation managed to create a growing economy despite -- or rather because of -- import tariffs which kept foreign goods out. Obama also sought to end India's strict restrictions on foreign ownership of Indian companies. The Wall Streeters admit that these negotiations were all about outsourcing.
Remember when Democrats campaigned against companies who moved jobs overseas? Those arguments were resoundingly rejected in the midterm elections.
Riiight. The folks who went to the polls in 2010 were all thinking: "You know what America's problem is? Too many jobs!"
Well said.

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