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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Remember Ross Perot?

A brief question: Why do so many writers tell us that Ross Perot siphoned votes away from Bush and only Bush? In 1992, Perot ran to the left of Clinton on certain issues, especially free trade.

Another question: Could anyone play a similar role today? I think the populace would be much more receptive to a maverick now. Unfortunately, the only name that comes to mind is Steve Forbes, who has been cozying up to the tea partiers. I doubt that he would run outside of the Republican infrastructure.

Is there someone who can "pull a Perot" who is neither a religious kook nor a libertarian fundamentalist?

I just had a wild, wild thought: Jesse Ventura. No way he could win, of course. Perhaps, though, he could have a small (yet decisive) impact on the final outcome -- if he were properly funded. In an Obama-vs-Romney battle, Ventura would draw most of his votes away from Obama. But in an Obama-vs-Bachmann match-up...

Hm. That's a thinker.
Don't you think the Republican's primary is a rerun of their 2008? they want again to sit this one out. If you are in the Rep leadership why would you want Obama out of office? He would do whatever you want in terms of policy. The only thing you would do is to sit back and complain and wine, and then when things get better in terms of economy and soforth you can launch a real campain. That what I would do
Given the Blago conviction yesterday, I'd like to put forward the idea of Patrick Fitzgerald as an independent candidate for President. He could run as a TR-style, anti-corruption, anti-trust candidate. Call me crazy, but I think he could actually win. Here's someone who comes across as a real straight-shooter, a man who put two corrupt governors--one Republican, one Democrat--behind bars, who indicted OBL long before 9/11, who rose from being the son of a doorman to acquiring dual degrees in math and economics and then a JD from Harvard Law School. He's a registered Republican, yet the investor class seems to dislike him, if one can surmise such from the fact that the only bad press he's gotten so far is from WSJ and Investor's Business Daily.

If Fitzgerald wanted to run as an Independent a on platform of fighting corruption and the corporate lobbyists in Washington, who wouldn't vote for him?
Inky, you may be on to something. Especially given an Obama-v-Bachmann race...I could get behind Fitz.
Is there someone who can "pull a Perot" who is neither a religious kook nor a libertarian fundamentalist?

Bloomberg? Hell, he's got the money to self-finance.

No way he [Ventura] could win, of course.

Norm Coleman and Skip Humphrey thought the same thing. I can't find a full video of the 1998 gubernatorial debates online, but he performed well enough there to go from 10% to the Governor's office. Take a look at his performance on "The View":

Now picture him standing between Romney and Obama. It's not inconceivable to me that there would be enough of a "plague on both your houses" vote to throw the election into the House. Hell, I'd pay money just to watch him go after Obama on waterboarding.
Thanks, Joe. One can at least fantasize about the 2012 election--the reality just looks so bleak. As it is, given that I live in a solidly Blue state, I will at least have the option of voting for a third-party candidate that represents my views rather than succumbing to the perennial "get out a clothespin and vote for the LOTE" arguments. For that matter, so can you now that you are a Baltimoron, but I know you tend to feel differently about such matters. But it would be so much nicer to be able to vote for a viable candidate that one could stomach.
Jesse Fitz-- I can see it now--"The Body & The Brain." I like it.
The print and broadcast media have to tell us Perot took votes away from Bush so they can de-legitimatize Bill Clinton who they hated almost as much as Al Gore.

With two of Obama's pals in the slammer what are the chances he bows out then pardons them on his way out?

I'm sure Tony is starting to realize he's under the bus and I can't see Blago going quietly.

How we fixed for moderate republican Hispanic governors to challenge Obama?
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