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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama's strategy

Obama's strategy until re-election: Run under the slogan "He'll save Medicare." After re-election: Go after Medicare.

Watch and see.
It's like Lucy holding the football and the O-bots are Charlie Brown.
Absolutely right. We've seen it before: Guantanomo, tax cuts, transparency. It's his MO, but there will be plenty of progressive fools who will believe his campaign promises (i.e.: lies) and vote for him again.

Unless there is a progressive primary challenger to Obama or a progressive third-party candidate, I'm sitting this election out. And as a progressive who has voted in every election for dog-catcher since I turned 18, that hurts.
The attack has already started.

Obama admin has filed a friend-of-the-court brief over Californians suing over Medicaid cuts.
"None of the Above" - write it in, make some election commission pencil-pusher in your state capitol tabulate it.
Actually I cant believe I would ever say this but I agree. I think you need to do something to remove the legitimacy from these asshole. None of the above or better still "the rents too damn high" would be better alternatives.

Lucky for me its not my problem. I dont have a vote here.

Good to see things back to normal around here, no more mentally challenged plants to muddy the waters (though, just like you Joseph, I certainly had a lot of good laughs from them).

On the topic at hand, you are probably correct, but I couldn't really care less what he does. I sure as hell won't ever vote for him. I didn't last time and he's given me even more reasons not to since taking over the Presidency. I'm afraid I may not be voting at all. The Republicans will have to put up someone really reprehensible to make me do a "lesser of two extreme evils" type vote. Oh wait, that's all they've got anymore..........
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