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Friday, June 03, 2011

A mystery attacker exposed: Meet the mighty SEIXON!

This is an update to the previous post. Parts of it may not make sense unless you've read what came before. In short and in sum: I've been attacked by a creature named George Gooding, the new darling of the "get Weiner" brigade.

I've uncovered something very unnerving about this fellow. The truth emerged only after a sleepless night of sparring with George in the comments. (You can read the play-by-play if you scroll down to the post below) We had hours of techno-battle, and then...samsara.

We'll get to that great revelation soon. First, let's get up to speed on the tech argument. (If this section confuses you, read the previous post first. Or just skim and get the gist.)

Turns out George didn't know -- and neither did I -- that Weiner really did use a PC-based app called TweetDeck on May 27. His record indicates that he never used it before that date. Weird.

Is that fact germane? No. George's whole argument hinges on the presupposition that Weiner used TweetDeck or some similar app during his entire Twittering career, and thus never established a Yfrog account -- which would mean that he never had a "secret" Yfrog address appended to his images.

Well, that presupposition is wrong. Weiner had sent images via his Blackberry on previous occasions. He had to have established a Yfrog account at some point, because you can't use Tweetdeck on a Blackberry. (George deceptively refused to tell people about that.) There is at least one tweet marked "from Yfrog."

As far as Milowent could determine (he is examining the available record), Weiner never did the Tweetdeck thing before the 27th. Again: Weird. But that fact hardly impacts what I said about the Yfrog exploit.

I opened a Twitter account as "Chalice153" and used Tweetdeck to send a picture to Dowson. (It's so cute to watch your fictional creations talk to each other!) Even though Chalice never opened a Yfrog page, an account was created for her. Could someone have used the exploit to send a pic to that account? Gooding says no. I think the answer is yes. We can't test the proposition now that Yfrog has changed its policies.

Isn't that conveeeeeenient?

When Weiner got started on Twitter, the only app for the Blackberry that sent pics is something called Twitterberry -- ye gods, what a puerile name! And that app appends the words "from Twitterberry" to the messages. We can't see those words anywhere in Weiner's twitterings.

Nope. George's theory is a no-go.

Weiner had a Yfrog account. And he never said otherwise on the Rachel Maddow show, despite George's lying claims to the contrary. Weiner actually claimed that he was kind of fuzzy about what Yfrog actually did -- as are a lot of other non-techie Twitter users, no doubt. (I give the full quote in the previous post. George has an aversion to accurate quotation.)

Let this sink in. George falsely claimed that Weiner had said something to Maddow which he did not actually say. And then George maintained this false claim even after I typed up the direct quote.

That is very strange behavior, to say the least. But it gets stranger.

Read the comments and you'll see: Turns out George made a slip up which revealed that he never even saw the Maddow interview in question! Thus, he never heard the words that he twisted and transformed into the heart of his argument.

That's the moment when I started to wonder: Who IS this guy?

So I had a better look at his site. Check it out. Notice something strange?

George is a ghost.

Well, at least his site is ghostly.

My now-notorious post called that site into existence. His "blog" contains not a single post predating it.

He gives no background. No history. No indication of being any sort of real human being. His site is a bare-bones affair.

Yet all of a sudden, he is in communication with all the superstars of the right (even though he claims to be non-partisan.) They are all twittering away with him. Look at his (brief) record.

Last night, I was inundated with a zillion taunting messages from righties. It was obviously a coordinated effort. (Many regular Cannonfire readers witnessed similar coordination when the Obots went on the rampage back in 2008. We know what this sort of thing feels like. Axelrod is an amateur compared to his right-wing counterparts.) The taunters all screeched about how the famous, fabulous George Gooding had kicked my ass.

Uh huh. Right. Question: How did zillions of righties even hear about a blog that is so new that Google still doesn't even list it? How did these people learn about that blog on its FIRST NIGHT OF EXISTENCE?

Now, when I say that George is a ghost, I refer to his current spectral existence as a blogger. His site has no existence preceding the Weiner affair.

In a previous life, however, George did have a presence in Norway. Here, Mr. NonPartisan denounces "Bush hate." (Most of the rest is in Norwegian.) His Norwegian site is here. Running the page through Google translate reveals that Mr. Nonpartisan is pretty damned partisan.

Let's dig further. Turns out George used to write under another name -- one that I had encountered before, although I could recall it only vaguely. Forgive the hazy memory, George, but 2006 was five years ago and I don't travel in rightist circles. (And I don't usually read Think Progress.)

Back in 2006, George wrote for the National Review and other ever-so-non-partisan venues. At the time, he used the mysterious byline Seixon.

Seixon focused on Plame-gate, always siding with rightists while pretending to be centrist. He was involved with a weird contretemps I did not follow involving Jason Leopold, Larisa Alexandrovna and Larry Johnson. Seixon/Gooding seems to think that Larisa was involved with a huge conspiracy, and that claim is ridiculous. (I have no stake in defending that woman, but she sure as hell ain't what Gooding imagines her to be.)

Basically, Gooding's National Review piece argued that "Plame-gate" was a con-job, a huge conspiracy against the Bush administration, concocted by a "tight knit group of intelligence professionals."

Around the same time, Gooding argued that Iraq really did have WMDs. Also see here. What does he offer? Lots of complex, highly abstruse argumentation. Lots of bullshit. All delivered to you in a flat, made-by-committee prose style free of authorial voice, sort of like Gerry Posner's.

Despite his continual defense of the W administration, "Seixon" claims to be a Democrat -- no, I'm not kidding. Obviously, that is a pose. He is a Republican operative who gets dragged out every so often.

The timing tells you all you need to know. My post had rattled some cages, so Georgie-poo established his blog. His first order of business was to spew some technoblather to try to undermine a point that a whole buncha of computer savvy people (even the guys on Little Green Footballs) had verified. And all of a sudden, literally overnight, everyone who is anyone on the right knows about this guy's out-of-nowhere insta-blog.

Do such things "just happen"? Come to your own conclusions.

The Republican point man leading the attack on Plame and Wilson created an entire damn website just to slam me. Wow!

Is George right about the Weiner controversy (and about yours truly)? Well, ask yourself: Do you think that Valerie Plame and Joe Wilson are evil conspirators against the saintly W? Do you think that Bush was right about Saddam's WMDs?

If you think that way, get a shrink.

Gooding pretends to be a computer expert, but most of what he has said is dazzling, meaningless blather. Yeah, it's true: I dislike the very idea of Twitter and refuse to use it. But many seasoned Twitterers and computer experts have verified the existence of the Yfrog exploit which this blog publicized. I ran my first post on this topic past a very computer-savvy friend, just to make sure there weren't any major mistakes. The security hole was real -- as Yfrog itself now admits.

The folks at Yfrog have quietly shut down the ability to post from random email accounts. They claim that there have been no security compromises, and they obviously don't want anyone thinking that the changes have any link to Wiener. But the timing tells the real story. If my post was wrong, why did they do such a thing now?

As for George: His is a familiar type. When the Wiener controversy is done, Gooding's new insta-site will go away. He'll ruminate in Oslo for awhile until a new task arises -- and then he'll start a new new site. We've seen this sort of thing before.
And here I thought you were done with ad hominem attacks. Bravo, bravo. I could have saved you a bunch of time if you had just asked me about all this.

By the way, I took down the latest post on my American blog, as I decided it just wasn't worth giving you the attention I gave you yesterday. Besides, you're letting me comment here now, so there's that.

You still demonstrate that you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.

You're still peddling the lie that I claimed Weiner used TweetDeck to post the picture, which I've never said.

You're still peddling the lie that I claimed you could use TweetDeck from a Blackberry.

You're still peddling the lie that one has to sign up for a Yfrog account for pictures to be posted through the service.

You still haven't understood that a Yfrog profile is created automatically when you post pictures, but an actual account with the ability to post through emails is not created until you authorize Yfrog with your Twitter account.

You're still peddling the lie that Weiner did not say to Maddow that he hadn't been to Yfrog until he wanted to delete the pictures, which is virtually verbatim what he said, which you even quoted yourself.

You still keep ignoring that Weiner tweeted right before the lewd photo what time he was going to be on the Maddow show - in Seattle time. You cannot talk about this, because it's too inconvenient.

Now, as for your attempt to impeach my credibility through ad hominem, I'd love to tell you all about who I am, what I have blogged about, what my political views are on a variety of subjects, but I don't really think it will be productive.

After all, you're just out to make me go away, and for me to stop pointing out niggling facts that ruin your laughably desperate defense of Weiner. That's all this is.

I started writing on my American blog, which has been laying there empty for many months, because - as I already told you - I felt that someone needed to provide some much needed technical information on this Weiner deal.

If you really believe still that I'm some kind of Republican attack dog, read through the conversation I had with Patterico on Twitter last night. You'll be hard pressed to find me saying anything overtly partisan or not on the level.

I live in Norway, a welfare state with a heavy dose of socialism, and that's fine by me. If you actually cared to explore the reality of me as a person, you'd probably be scared that I don't fit into the role you've concocted for me.

Simply because I debunked your nonsense.

See, this is the problem with US politics these days. Everyone is acting all partisan and refusing to listen to reasonable voices because they're all in their foxhole viewing everyone who says a word "wrong" as an enemy.

I'll leave you to wallow in your pathetic attempts to explain away the unexplainable, simply because the party affiliation of the person in question has the right letter.

Good day to you, sir.
I don't know if you remember it but in 2004, ACVR, The American Center for Voting Rights, appeared overnight when the election of George Bush over John Kerry turned up many irregularities with the new E-voting fraudulent system.There were hearings held and ACVR appeared before Congress to explain that their expertise could assure Congress and the American people that there were no problems with the Diebold electoral manipulation machines that were being purchased by almost every state in the country. The problem was, the day before the hearings, ACVR was not in existence! How did they end up testifying before Congress? Why weren't any other voting procedure experts called as witnesses? Who arranged for their appearance or vetted their credentials? Larisa had written countless articles on things she had uncovered about the voting irregularities. She had done some real investigations yet all of a sudden, The ACVR appeared and their testimony accepted as fact. Its exactly the same as you're seeing with this coordinated effort behind Gooding's coordinated attacks while calling himself a neutral observer, even a Democrat to boot!
Although its been shown that ACVR was a phony. Our Congress chose never to re-visit that issue since the machines eventually worked in their favor. As long as Weiner gets knocked out, the job has been done (its still a major story in all the media even without the recipient filing a criminal complaint. Business will return to usual. Who has ths kind of power to use Congress, the internet, the media and the planning. I think thats how we ended up with a Republican in the executive calling himself a Democrat also. The power of the internet and people's reliance on technology is the common denominator. Get off Facebook, don't use Twitter or any other type of instant identifier. Without them, they're helpless. Just ride a bus into towns across America and talk to the people directly. Don't join anything!
All I can say is, I'm glad I'm not your enemy Joseph :-) Once again, great detective work. I went to his blog when an "anonymous" first posted the link. I didn't notice the emptiness of it or that it was brand new, only that no comments were allowed. Anyway, good work all around. I can honestly say that I'm no partisan, finding much to dislike on both left and right, but your blog (along with Glenn Greenwald's) is the most thorough and complete on the issues that you write about.
Holly Smoke, you got the big CYBER GUNS after ya, and undressed him in less than a day! :lol:

Valarie Plame, brings one name to mind, Karl Rove, which brings to mind his good who I won't mention except to say, 'My Mamma'.

So, politics today are global and everything is hidden behind smoke and mirrors. We have someone call a foreign 'asset' to take you down, mix up the information in an effort to protect the 'operation'.

Did you know that Karl Rove was in Sweden before the charges came down on Assange? I used to scratch my dear little head there, but now I am thinking that some of these folks stay loyal to their paychecks, in view that they think they will come into power.

The fact that Anthony Weiner wrote a letter asking Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from cases where he had a conflict of interest, was the final act before Operation Slime went into effect???

Anthony Weiner has been the most vocal congressman, speaking on behalf of the poor, the working class and seniors made him a prime target! The fear that someone who actually advocates for 'The People' was just too much, how dare he try to speak for people who don't have lobbyists or aren't a big corporation (Now declared to be to spend endlessly on campaigns).

Thank the lord you don't have to be rich to have a brilliant mind...Good on ya Cannon, that noggin is BRILLIANT!
You guys really need to take a look at Rep. Weiner's twitter feed.

Milowent did not look very far concerning the TweetDeck posts by Rep. Weiner. Here are just a few examples. ( Please do the research guys.... TweetDeck was used by Rep. Weiner many times before May 27! )

May 8

Anthony Weiner
No politics on Mothers Day #JustDontMentionWomenEarn1/3LessThanMenForSameWork
8 May via TweetDeck

May 9

Anthony Weiner
Weiner/Boehner debate issue 2: Why GOP thinks its "conservative" to tell women how to care for themselves #MeetMeAtDyckmanStreet
9 May via TweetDeck

May 26

Anthony Weiner
MT @mmcauliff: What the hell is this: @FunRepWeinrFact Dunno but it somehow got my PS39 reportcard
26 May via TweetDeck

Anthony Weiner
On with Lawrence O'Donnell tonight at 8 to discuss Rex Ryan's plans for Medicare. #The34DefenseSeemsNotToBeWorking
26 May via TweetDeck

Fine work, Joe, yet 'tis all for naught. The TweeetDeck theory could only work if you could prove that Wieiner used that app EVERY DAMN TIME he used twitter. And he simply didn't.

Moreover, that theory is for crap anyways. George has just admitted what my own humble experiments prove: That TweetDeck or any similar app creates a Yfrog account. And if it does, then that account could be exploited and used using that same technique described in my earlier post.

He keeps saying "But Tweetdeck creates a Yfrog account that can't post to Twitter." Well, clearly it DOES -- or the picture would not appear in your Twitter feed! (Besides, a little message appears in Tweetdeck that reads "via Yfrog." I've tested.)

If a Yfrog account is created, anyone could crawl into it.

George claims otherwise. Nota bene: He did so ONLY when Yfrog changed the rules so we can't conduct a test to prove him wrong.

He's trying to dazzle you with gobbledegook, just like he did when he was trying to prove that Saddam has WMDs.

(You might say that he was carrying heavy water for Dubya, back then.)

Look, he's clearly a liar. Just read what he has to say. He still claims to be NON-PARTISAN.

Oh jeez. I bust a GUT when I read that.

Just look at his followers and such on Twtitter. Pretty much all of them are right-wing heavy hitters like Michelle Malkin and the Fox News crowd.

Now look up his history as Seixo. The guy was a purebred Republican attack dog. With NO exceptions.

He can't hide the evidence of his own cyber-ink.

My own cyber-ink clearly marks me as a fervently anti-Obama liberal. So it should be obvious to all that I care a hell of a lot more for principle than for party.

George says that HE is non-partisan? Oh my GOD, that is funny. That's like Ann Coulter or Rush Limbaugh claiming to be non-partisan.

You know that episode of "Whose Line is it Anyways?" where Wayne Brady meets Richard Simmons? Until today, I thought THAT was the funniest thing I'd ever seen.

Until today.

Oh, and let's not forget his lie about the Maddow show. Hey George -- if I got it all wrong, then how come I was willing to quote the thing and you won't? You clearly didn't even SEE the interview that was the heart of your argument!

It's hard to write when you're laughing. I'm going to have to go walk the dog now...but I'll still probably erupt in fits of Heath-Ledger-as-the-Joker giggles.

Heh heh. Ho. Heh heh. Ha. Ha.

George, George...

"= Think Progress ยป That's Not Accurate: White House Alters
Transcript of Press Briefing =
Comment by Raison Detre - November 14, 2005 @ 4:49 pm
Seixon is sophisticated. He redirected the argument from the
inaccuracy proffered by the Whitehouse. Those who take the bait aid his effort to fragment the scrutiny that the Whitehouse demands."

Sorry, link to those threads don't work any more.
Otherwise would provide them.
There's a lot more of the same concerning "gooding" aka seixon (seize-on?) in the archive.
It finally points all to this
Organisation's linklist :
(sorry to say, but : NO, I'm NOT "anti-semitist", never will be)
It's class- not race-struggle.
What makes anyone think George even exists. We have well documented companies offering services like opinion influencing - didnt they call it Astroturfing? fake grassroots?

Of course George can very easily prove me wrong. He should feel free. I am often wrong.

i was going to lay out a snarky bit of "i'm with cannonfire. FIRE DOESN'T MELT STEEL, PEOPLE!!one 11". anyone with a memory of years past on the political interwebs would recognize that i was mocking cannonfire's nonsense on the twitter issue by comparison to the risible backyard experiment conducted by a DUmmie who sought to prove trutherism with chicken wire and paving stones.

but then i noticed that cannonfire is a truther! lulz.

a truther and a puma. what must charles johnson think?
Scoffer, are you out of your freakin' gourd? A truther? ME?

The 9/11 CD nuts HATE me. I'm enemy #1 with some of those guys. Didn't you see the debunking links section to the left?

Or the snarky comment about truthers in the cartoon to your right? (You have to be historically hip to get the joke -- and I don't think you're hip about much of anything.)

You're nuts, dude. Calling me a truther is like calling Paul Bunyan a midget.
Gee, it has come down to 'Na Na Na'r a truther'...Did you hit a STIR or what.

George has taken down his page! You're a Truther... :lol:

The arguments are not even arguments anymore. Why were they after Anthony Weiner, is a question I would want the Georges to answer or pretenders.

Hope Bella had a nice walk.

Woman Voter
Conservative click-guerilla debunked long ago
-> from 2004-03-09 12:33:29
(this is from a conservative paper):
"Driving into madness
"Help,to drive the German left into madness," we read in a weblog entry of the site Little Green Footballs, "
and David Kaspar, operator of" Davids Medienkritik "says:
"The Bush-haters in 'Spiegel online' get a heart attack tomorrow morning."
From the Editor of "Spiegel online", this "spearhead of the German left", so far no health effects have been reported.
There one rises the eyebrows - and writes about the bad habit of not only the painting over the other party posters at night and disturbing
their public appearances with lots of whistling, but - "not least" - to forge votes on the web.
Such activities are in America called "freeping" and "Spiegel online" lecture these machinations with seriousness and care."

Josef, keep cool !
Great investigative reporting Joseph.

Of course, the right wing smear machine wouldn't be of any consequence were it not for its demonstrated ability to set the national news agenda. It's interesting the extent to which supposedly liberal journalists "take the bait" so to speak. For example, how is it someone like Eugene Robinson (WaPo) ends up shoveling dirt for the right?
lmao, scoffer needs to up his reading comprehension...he probably glanced at Cannonfire's "rules" and saw 9/11 and didn't bother to actually read that it said no nuttery here.

kudos, Joseph...damn the real world concerns...I have to catch up on all the reading here, but I see you're attracting all sorts of attention and I can't wait to see the "journalists" reproduce your work after all their prurient spewing on this nonissue.
As far as the app authorization goes...when you install and first use a mobile(or Ipad) app, you HAVE TO give authorization to use the app. You also give authorization when you use disqus and other online linked services. (I even had Wash Post auth under my account until I revoked it)

It occurs "auto-magically".

The default pic service for the Blackberry twitter app is...yfrog!!

So the first time you use the app to upload a pic to twitter, it authorizes the access for yfrog, exposing the now closed hole.
The Twitter account has been deleted. Looks like George doesn't like being called out on his real agenda.
"Milowent did not look very far concerning the TweetDeck posts by Rep. Weiner."

well, actually i did, but i didn't post about it in any detail because the relevance was not raised by anyone.

but yes, weiner did start using tweetdeck long before May 27.
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