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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meagan Broussard victimized Anthony Weiner

I'm serious: Meagan Broussard victimized Anthony Weiner.

This time, I'm not using the word "victimized" for humorous effect (as was the case a couple of posts down). Any man or woman who divulges private, extremely personal emails between consenting adults deserves to be bullwhipped. And I'll be happy to repeat that statement to Meagan's face, accompanied by an ounce or so of phlegm.

Believe it or not, supporters of Big Tony have a website. As one member of that support squad put it:
There is nothing wrong with texting a sexy picture as long as it is between consenting adults. What is wrong is sharing private material (for $ no less!) and butting into people's private lives: Support Congr Weiner at:
Just so. Was Meagan put up to it by Dan and Mike? Eventually, the truth will come out.

And I really don't care if my position shocks anyone. When Monicagate first broke, all "respectable" people laughed at the idea that Linda Tripp victimized both Monica and Bill. That's not a laughable idea these days. The perspective of history has a way of correcting hysteria.

A new batch of Weiner photos -- tomfoolery in the Congressional shower, it appears -- will soon be visible, if they have not already appeared. Drip, drip, drip. Such things do not happen by accident: Obviously, this exercise in Chinese water torture was planned.

Nobody is asking the obvious question: How were these photos obtained?

Something about this slow-motion data-dump reminds me of the "Squidgygate" tapes, which proved so embarrassing to both Princess Diana and the royal family. When they were released, nearly everyone in the U.K. and the U.S. concentrated on the subject matter; few bothered to ask how the recordings came to be. The newspapers alleged that an amateur using a radio scanner just happened to stumble across the conversation, and just happened to have a recorder at the ready. Eventually, it came out that British spooks had tapped Diana's line; the scanner-wielding amateur functioned as a decoy to give the spies plausible deniability. (I'm simplifying a much more complex tale.)

Is something similar happening here? I ask merely that we keep precedent in mind.

Are you about to classify me as one of those dreaded conspiracy theorists? It's always amusing to hear such claims from our friends in Glenn Beckistan. Here's a representative example of what righties are saying all over the damned internet:
Hey, if it were up to Weiner, he'd've resigned already. However, Hillary owns the note on this Manchurian candidate's soul, and her last orders to him were "Do nothing till you see me in person." To which he probably stammered, "Yeah, but what if-", and she cut him off with a dragon-roar "DO- NOTHING- UNTIL- YOU- SEE- ME- IN- PERSON!!"
Republican rapist: As long as we're visiting the right-wingers, let us consider the odd case of Republican congressional candidate Tom Ganley, of Cleveland.
Ganley, 68, faces three felony charges of gross sexual imposition, and single counts of kidnapping, abduction, solicitation, and menacing by stalking, according to Ryan Miday, a spokesman for County Prosecutor Bill Mason.
The legal complaint is online:
Ganley told her that he wanted her to be submissive, and if she did not make up her mind quickly about "playing" with him, that she was replaceable, because there were others who would love to play that role.

Ganley then started pulling Mrs. Saccany into the bathroom in an attempt to rape her as she struggled with him and resisted. Ganley attempted to force Mrs. Saccany into the bathroom and rubbed her crotch and then stuck his hand down the front of her pants attempting to penetrate her vagina. Ganley was moaning, making noises, and he had a contorted and disgusting look on his face.
Ganley has responded by calling the woman an instrument of the Democratic Party.
I googled Tom Ganley and came accross this:

One of the things I've always liked about you is that you are immune to peer pressure and unapologetically stubborn in your beliefs and positions.
"Top Ten Things Anthony Weiner has Said that are Worse than Sexting"

Are we beeing "dichotomised"?
And IF - to whom's advantage ?
THAT Tom Ganley?!!!!!! I tried to buy a car from his dealership once long ago, and yea, though he touched me not, yet verily did he fuck me over. And he enjoyed every last motherf***ing second of it though it netted him ultimately not one single dime.
Weiner's foreign policy consists of "Israel can do no wrong", and that's pretty much it. As a politician, he's pretty much on par with most of the others, a lying sack of shit.

Still, I think this was obviously a set up by members of the right wing community. They are the only ones who seem obsessed with other peoples private sex lives. It's quite telling that they have to stoop to releasing penis shots in order to "get" left leaning politicians.
It is true that the right thing to do is to keep sexual confidences (between consenting adults) confidential.

People often fail to do the right thing. Especially if a politician is involved. Wise people know this.

Thus wise people of both sexes engage in sexual dalliance with those they know well and trust. The smart thing to do is to get to know someone first. Rep. Weiner is too old not to know this. (Most every girl in high school does.)

So yes, Ms. Broussard broke his confidence. In her defense, I read a report that said he mentioned her daughter by name. Since she had not discussed her daughter with him, it freaked her out. I can understand that.

The women who did not encourage or ask for such exchanges were perfectly in line to expose him.

This was news to me, but it may be a window into the man's character:

He did not think the rules applied to him...?

Car registration? Don't you think you are reaching?

As for "unwanted" sex chat -- no such thing. I mean, a man (or woman) can send out an unwanted feeler along those lines. That happens. If the feeler is rebuffed, and the guy persists, then yeah, he's a creep. But that just did not happen here.

Jeez, what does this whole thing amount to? An unmarried guy got in the habit of cyber-dating -- just like a million other men and women each and every day. Then he married a woman who spends half her life out on the road following the Secretary of State. And in her absence, he played the game of cyber seduction again, without actually committing adultery.

It's not admirable, but neither can I pretend to be horrified. People are talking about "sex addiction." Ridiculous.
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