Thursday, June 16, 2011

The lost art of headline writing

Actual Yahoo News headline: "Al-Qaida taps controversial new terror chief."

Wow. And here, I was expecting them to go with the safe choice, what with all the bad publicity the group has been getting lately.
Looks like they put a lot of thought into that one eh Joe?
Actually, they didn't "tap" him -- they "poked" him via facebook.
Just saw this one over at the Huff-n-Puff: WEINER OUT!

Seems like the children are running things over there.
Well, you have to admit that Lloyd Blankfein was a somewhat unusual choice.
It seems like pure laziness to me. I did a Google search and immediately found "CIA offshoot taps former U.S. Cybersecurity chief", "Obama taps Panetta as new defense chief", and "Obama taps CIA veteran as advisor on terror" - and that's just the first page of results. I know there's a dirty joke waiting to be made here by playing on the word 'taps' (as in "that ass") but I'm drawing a blank.
Are they all kegs?
Well it's good they went for the controversial one and not simply the Terror Chief that everyone loved...

But seriously, sometimes you just gotta express yourself in dance. Nothing beats the old soft-shoe. Oddly enough on you tube you can see one of the earliest Taps in the White House
Cut them some slack, Joe. We're all linguistically exhausted from Weiner jokes.
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