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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Personal stuff...

Since this is a Sunday, perhaps a non-political post is permissible.

A couple of the backers of the Chalice project are angry at me. I guess I can understand -- I haven't gotten my data back yet, and as a result, I haven't gone back to the task drawing the book. Frankly, every penny I've earned has gone to keep body and soul together -- and we're talking about a guy who has learned how to stretch a five-dollar chicken into three full meals for three adults. (Plus soup stock. One of these Sundays, I'll have to talk about that...)

Next time a decent-sized check comes through (which I hope will be presently) and barring an emergency, I'll use it for data recovery. And the project can proceed from there.

I don't like not working on the project, especially since the crap we've both been doing to keep ourselves barely afloat has been so freaking humiliating. And frankly, it's hard to draw well when you're feeling like you'd rather stick an exacto blade through your wrist.

But...hell. This economy has many of us feeling the same way, right? I'm trying to expand my skill set. There just isn't much call for an old Photoshop pro out here, so I'm trying to get my motion graphics capabilities up to a more-or-less professional level.

My question is this: If it looks like I can't get ahead of the game enough to pay for the data recovery -- in other words, if the foreseeable future looks like a bleak unending tunnel of poverty -- should I just redraw the blasted thing? Gad, I hate redrawing -- more than you can guess.

On the other hand, sometimes the second pass is better.

Fortunately, I never told anyone that there was a deadline. But the brevity of life does impose a deadline, of sorts. I've already outlived both of my parents. This is the story I've wanted to tell for years. Frankly, it's the only reason I'm still stomping around on this planet.

So if anyone feels that they've been shortchanged, or if you are unwilling to wait...write to me. The email address is in the upper corner.
Since you call yourself "an old Photoshop pro," could you please give us your opinion of the very odd photos (and commentary) on this very odd website?

Spoiler Alert: this is not an attempt to "Rick Roll" you into some more CD Tranny stuff. These photos and the explanation given are really strange, and the bizarre connections to Marsh Mclennon, Cantor Fitzgerald, L. Paul Bremer, etc, ought to be "red meat" to a political cynic such as yourself.
Gods, I sympathize.

A highly labor-intensive piece of mine (graphite) was stolen last December, and I've since redone it in color on commission and am about to do it again in graphite, also on commission. Except for photographs, I hate repeating a work instead of going on to the next thing, but the color version was better than the original, and I won't be surprised if the second b&w is better than either.

On the other hand, I'm now two behind on my to-do list. So consider this as encouragement whichever way you go.

I write novels sometimes-- I too hate the rewrites but I'm not wealthy enough to hire a ghost so here I go--grinding away at comma errors. Dull. Maintain mental health.
Rewriting is different, I think. Every post here goes through a couple of quick rewrites. They still could use another five or ten passes.
Assuming you have a computer of some sort that has "crashed", do you occasionally attempt to turn it on and see if it will fire up.

Have you attempted to sit drive on its side for a day, then try to fire it up?
Oh, I know the precise issue with that drive, Alessandro. There was a series of Seagates (in the 1TB - 1 1/2 TB range) that had notoriously bad firmware. So recovery may be cheaper than normal.
For the sake of sanity and integrity, do what you said you'd do. It may be a pain to redo what you've already done, then again maybe once the creative juices get flowing, you may have something to look forward to at the end of a hard work day other than circumstance. Plus you may do a better job second time round.
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