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Monday, May 09, 2011

Pakistan and He Who Must Not Be Named

Here is an odd story from AP: It seems that the Pakistan newspaper The Nation (considered a mouthpiece for the Pakistani military) has named the CIA station chief in Islamabad, based (it would seem) on information given by someone in Pakistan's security services.

AP says that it it has learned that the name is not genuine. The same "wrong name" story can be found in the Wall Street Journal.

Nevertheless, AP refuses to divulge the name (which the Pakistanis have already divulged)...
...because he is undercover and his identity is classified. It was not immediately clear whether the Americans would pull him out of the country.
Heh heh. Have you spotted the contradiction here, dear reader? Good.

What we are seeing here, methinks, is a form of low-intensity warfare. As previous posts have pretty much proven, Pakistan provided semi-covert aid to the Americans during the raid that ended in Osama Bin Laden's death.

(Interestingly, the story of U.S.-Pakistani cooperation was first broken by The Nation, which means the news came from a military source.)

To placate the locals, Pakistan asked the Americans to pretend that they did the deed all on their lonesome. But they did not anticipate the reaction in America.

The fact that Osama Bin Laden lived within walking distance of the Pakistan Military Academy has led to widespread suspicion in this country (and elsewhere) that the Pakistanis had been protecting Bin Laden all along. This perception now endangers aid to that country.

Leon Panetta made a derisive and impolitic comment which fueled this belief. This may be the only genuine blunder I've ever seen Panetta make. Few Americans have noted his comment, but the Pakistanis are pissed off about it.

Look at it from the point of view of the ISI. Those guys must be thinking: "We helped the U.S. kill Bin Laden, and where did it get us? We get none of the credit and all of the blame."

Now let's get into specifics.

Various U.S. sources are saying that if Pakistan wants to continue to receive American money, ISI Director Ahmad Shuja Pasha must go. He's pushing back. If you look at the original Nation story that caused this furor, it becomes pretty obvious that Pasha is probably the source who supplied the name of the CIA station chief.

Now, it may strike you as pretty bloody unlikely that the head of the ISI wouldn't know the name of the CIA station chief in his country. But A.P. and the Wall Street Journal are prestigious institutions, and their reporters must know what they are doing. Far be it from me to claim that those two august exemplars of the fourth estate would ever print false information at the request of the American government. Being a patriot, I certainly would never believe that the government would lie to those two esteemed organizations.

One has no choice but to presume that name printed here was, as A.P. assures us, incorrect. My patriotic credentials will remain beyond reproach if I tell you that the man who is the CIA station chief in Islamabad is definitely not anyone named Mark Carlton.

(That name, incidentally, is all over the foreign press. So don't accuse me of revealing secret info to America's enemies.)

The Nation story reports that Pasha met with He-Who-Is-Not-Carlton and had some heated words, but that piece does not tell us just what was said. The Pak Tribune fills in this gap, reporting that
According to the credible sources, ISI chief Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha personally delivers threat to CIA Islamabad station Chief Mark Carlton: "We will declare we are out of your war on terror and ask you to move all your assets out of from Pakistan, CIA is penetrating Pakistan government".
Make what you will of that poorly punctuated statement.

Here's another lovely bit which buttresses the thesis developed in earlier Cannonfire posts:
Moreover, Obama has openly announced that very categorically that the operation would have not been possible without the assistance of Pakistan. The residents of the targeted area have also revealed that ambulance and military troops have cordoned the compound during the operation.
Just to prove that Pakistani reportage can contradict itself as freely as the AP does, here's the very next sentence:
Thus, it is evident from the above discussion that intelligence about Osama was provided by Pakistan but final operation was carried out unilaterally by the U.S.
"Carried out unilaterally"? Um, what about those ambulance and military guys doing crowd control? According to other news reports (previously cited), those guys were there before the Americans showed up.

Meanwhile, the Pakistani citizenry is now worried that the U.S. wants to pull off another raid to steal their nuclear weapons. That's a pretty absurd thing to fret over, but even absurd memes may have unforeseen consequences. (Also see here.)

What we are seeing here are lies built on lies built on lies. I believe that all of these escalating exercises in paranoia rest on a single foundational lie about Osama Bin Laden. There's something about that man which we have not been told. I don't know what that "something" may be (and please don't pretend that you know, because you don't), but I suspect that it concerns the illegal drug trade.

Both the American people and the Pakistani citizenry sense the presence of an unspeakable truth about the leader of Al Qaeda. As long as that truth remains unrevealed, average people will construct paranoid myths.

Here's the kicker: There are so many myths now in circulation, the reality -- even if stated plainly -- would be doubted.
So annoying that I'll be dead before the truth comes out.

I suspect that the CIA was (and is) deeply involved in the illegal drug trade, that OBL was still CIA (if that was even OBL they assassinated), and that Obama himself (yes, I mean Obama) has been CIA since Columbia at least.

We had to be diverted from the birth certificate issue because that would have led to more questions about Obama and how he came to be where he is today.

But, as usual, no thought was given to a cogent story line. Just divert us quickly. Shoot some guy in the head at point-blank range, dump his body real quick, and claim to have rid the world of the 9/11 mastermind (how do we even know that, by the way?). Lies on top of lies on top of lies.
Anon 6:50 AM, agree. Joseph, I think you are most definitely on to something. What it is, we may never know. I have little doubt, however, that it involves the drug trade and the CIA (which go hand in hand, as always).
Haven't you heard? Nave Seal Team Five-O was on crowd control.
I hope that stunt double work pays well, because there's always that lingering chance at the end...

"My" Government ( and by that I mean the Alphabets..CIA, NSA,not to mention other letters we don't know about ) are actually "Pablo Escobar on steroids?


Why would you think that Joe?
"We will declare we are out of your war on terror and ask you to move all your assets out of from Pakistan, CIA is penetrating Pakistan government".

I cant help it, I love a double-entendre.

Joseph, if I were you I wouldn't halt your curiosity at the edge of the narcotics relationship regarding CIA/ISI/OBL. My sense is that there are so many dark dealings with our shadowy intelligence assets it's very difficult to separate a drug trafficking asset from an international arms salesman from a sometimes-intelligence asset that they're basically all the same. In for a penny, in for a pound.

Keep in mind - unless you disagree - the KLA/Al-Qaeda "enemy of my enemy" alliance during the Kosovo engagement of the late '90's. These things tend to overlap in the oddest ways.

My sense is that, with the death of OBL, we're at the "Watergate" stage of this particular criminal conspiracy - not in terms of light being shed, but the circle closing on the conspiracy and cover-up.

I'm no JFK assassination scholar, but what I've read leaves me with a sense that that whole sordid affair began with the Bay of Pigs and ended with Nixon's resignation; in the interim, info & contingencies were juggled by masters, keeping many balls in the air at any given time.

My sense is the death of OBL is the "Nixons's resignation" moment of the 9/11 conspiracy - whatever it was, or whatever we're not supposed to know. The ISI and CIA have "retired" a loose end; there's jockeying for the conventional wisdom/truth; the conflicting stories are already becoming a scholar's pursuit; any "9/11 truth" movements - valid or not - are marginalized ("He's dead, get over it"). We'll sift through the wreckage for decades and never fully understand what occurred in the last ten years: not on 9/11, not how OBL died, what his intelligence/drug trafficking role was, and - most crucially - not how the background of the inception (9/11) led to the context of the conclusion (OBL's death).

Another un-washable stain upon our national psyche, without even a vague hope of learning how one led the the other (such as the Church committee hearings).

I keep coming back to Ian Welsh's prognosis for America, and our citizens: Democracy here is over, get out now while you can, things are only going to get worse and uglier, and if you stay be prepared to fight and die during a fascist coup you have little hope of overcoming.

Myself and most of my friends believe this (US adventure in Abbotabad) was all a setup to demean, demoralize and prod / goad Pakistan Army into "invading" it's own people in Pakistan's northern areas in North Waziristan to "kill / ferret out" insurgents. Pakistan Army has been reluctant to do so as this would involve heavy indiscriminate bombing with huge collateral damage, like it encountered when it took action in South Waziristan. Pakistan Army fears, if they take action, the Indian / Afghan funded insurgents will only slip over the border into Afghanistan to lie low, regroup and infiltrate again while the local population will face the brunt with terrible toll of life.

My friends believe there was no Osama in Abbotabad. That it could have been the gardener or the gatekeeper they murdered and dumped into the sea. Had it been Osama, Pentagon + CIA would have preserved / mummified / embalmed the body and taken it around the world as a trophy and then put it up as a display in the US War Museum. That the body was so hurriedly made to vanish proves there is something very sinister going on. The original Osama died of kidney failure a long time back, i.e. if he survived the Tora Bora carpet-bombing. (And the US wiped out villages upon villages full of innocent women children and old folk in the carpet-bombing of Tora Bora).
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