Monday, May 23, 2011

Hold on...

I've got a HUGE investigative piece coming up soon. This one could be big.

In the meantime: I think Obama's numbers are going to go down, now that he said out loud what has long been America's de facto policy on Israel. Who would have thought...?
Think he lost the Jewish vote with that 1967 borders comment?

Will Wall Street make up the donation gap?
The myriad of 1990s "Clinton Scandals" were, for the most part, just a classic Mossad control-device (akin to the electro-shock vest at the Zacharias Moussaui trial) used, as the need arose, to keep a less-than-reliable puppet in line. Please remember that the "Monica Affair" broke in the MSM on the very morning after the Israeli Prime Minister was "snubbed" by the Clinton State Department upon his touchdown at Dulles Airport. You can look it up.

The "Birther Movement" is the current manifestation of this mechanism. Jerome Corsi, Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, even Larry Sinclair(!) are most likely cogs in the Mossad machinery.
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