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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Yow! The Japan quake was artificially induced!

Says so right here. Gotta be true. Otherwise it wouldn't be on the internets.

And how was it induced? Simple. It was, uh, something something HAARP. Something. It's all very scientific, y'see.

And the motive would be...?
Joe, your link now goes to the front page, and the article has scrolled off.

Here's the new url, to correct your link:

"Societal and economics observer and commentator with an endtimes, future history perspective."

Am I the only one who dismisses anything written by people who use the phrase "endtimes"?

Now, at the risk of sounding even fruitier, I have been reading lots of things of late about solar storms. Apparently we have moved into a period of increased solar activity. This period will peak in 2013 and is characterised by increasing frequency and violence of solar storms. Just prior to the Japan earthquake there was a solar storm (or 3-day period of increased emission of solar particles and radiation across the spectrum, including huge amounts of electromagnetic radiation.

What I read (in a couple of places) was that this massive storm of particles can generate huge forces when it strikes the earths magnetic field. A bit like an electric motor, when you pass a current through a magnetic field.

I wonder if this explains the HAAP data the author of the blog highlights? Definitely just a theory. But if so then you picked a good time to leave California.

I told you it would sound fruity.

Don't you know Joseph, that all "natural" catastrophes nowadays are engineered by "them", using technology that is hidden from the public (most likely acquired from aliens)? I guess you don't keep up with conspiracy think as much as I thought :-)

Seriously though, I think Harry has a good explanation, as I've read about this as well.
Harry, I saw something written by Stirling Newberry on solar sunspot in/activity, and how it meant increased and worse storms...and the south is still getting pummeled with tornados.

I've been wanting to read up on it, and I'm with you on resisting the word of doomsayers, but I'm having enough trouble sifting through the Peak Oil alarmists. What a mess. Somehow, the 9/11 Truthers are or are not involved...climate deniers accuse peak oil proponents of being truthers, while truthers are furious at the peakers, my gawd, if I added in solar storms, the infighting might resemble a conga line.

Plus there are even conspiracies that the Peak Oil alarm is backed by Big Oil, to justify the prices and the wars, so it looks more and more like kabuki theater the more I read.

Just putting a plea out to Joseph to add some more of these "science" topics to his unparalleled debunking skills. In particular I've been trying to find out if peak oiler Richard Heinberg is a cult guru, secret corporate tool, or what. There are definite signs of a dedicated defamation campaign against him (linking him with Truthers, when he merely signed an early call for investigation, before all the bunko theories sprang up)...yet some of his New Age connections are dismaying.

I actually buy the peak oil story, although its consequences can be exaggerated. But this is very much a case of for what little it is worth.

Happy to debate, or explain my thinking but it isnt my blog and therefore isnt my place. Plus there is the small matter of the day job.

Thanks, Harry, I do understand that the peak is more of a gentle curve...I was just wondering about some of the connections of those profiting from being alarmist.
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