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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why I have not given up on the Democratic party

Representative Joe Crowley of New York. You can watch this vid without headphones or speakers.
Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and her disturbing dalliances into JKF flashbacks whenever she adoringly looks at Barack Obama has splintered the democratic party.

The fact that both Reid and Pelosi are gerrymandered into their seats is most disturbing of all.

All of this points to a lifeless democratic party.
I hope you're wrong, Alessandro. Maybe there are still a few Democrats left in the Democratic party. I know I'm happy with my local Blue Dog even though he somewhat anti-abortion.
Where was the piss and vinegar when Obama, Pelosi and Reid were selling us out to Big Insurance?

The enemy isn't the republican party it's his own leaders in the Democratic party.

On a lighter note Tricky Rick Santorum is considering a run at the White House.
Bob, even if I was wrong, I'm not wrong about Pelosi and Reid being gerrymandered in.

Pelosi was one of only a handful of democrats to win her last re-election bid by a BIGGER MARGIN than the time before.

Even as Pelosi was losing the speaker's seat she was being rewarded because of where she resides.

It's incredible what a robotic voter base in a small quadrant of the country can do to ruin an entire political party.
The Democratic Party died the minute the Obots started calling their fellow Democrats racists.
Call your reps today. There is a "people's budget" that protects medicare and SS, calls for ending the war, raising taxes on the rich and adding in a public option for health care! Tell them to vote for it. Bold Progressives (.org) and (who call themselves Agressive Progressives) have petitions...but I think it's best to call. We can start now to push Dems in a more progressive direction.
I generally sit opposite from joe and many of the people here, but I wanna say THIS is the sort of political grandstanding that affects people.

This is a great, perfectly executed statement. I don't want to accuse the rep of being perfectly manicured, but his face conveys such great emotion that its pretty fantastic.

Good for him, I hate to see divisive lines drawn harder and harder in the sand, but good goddamn this is on point.
Good article on the Left's growing desire for a challenger to Obama...and noted is a group already set up to call for that, though they've stopped short of it so far.

Meanwhile, in Iowa, a group known as the Progressive Change Campaign Committee..has started broadcasting an advertisement that shows Mr. Obama, in 2008, promising to reverse the tax cuts for the most affluent Americans. The group isn’t advocating a primary challenge just yet — but then, the choice of Iowa as a market seems intended to send a pretty clear warning to the White House.
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