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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Walker of Wisconsin raises taxes

After pledging not to raise taxes, Governor Walker has substantially raised taxes -- on working class folk only. He's given tax breaks to the wealthy and to businesses, allowing him to claim that he has indeed lowered taxes overall.

Also, students at the University of Wisconsin will pay a lot more. That's a fee increase, not a tax, so that makes everything quite all right.

I bet Walker thinks he's going to President one day. Maybe he will.
I wonder what goes on in the minds of the Anerican Right. They seem honestly unaware of the staggering hypocrisy which seems to govern their lives, from sex to finance to foreign policy.

Partly I think the Right misunderstand the word "hypocrisy." This theory is borne out by their tendency to falsely accuse liberals of being hypocrites every five minutes.

If you're an outspoken lefty, you've surely been called a hypocrite a thousand times (conservative estimate).

But the "hypocrisy" always seems to fall under the heading of human nature (i.e., liberals celebrate when Republicans embarrass themselves but not when liberals embarrass themselves).

Ultimately, I think any difference in liberal behavior under different circumstances is perceived by the right as hypocrisy, i.e., if a liberal exhales, he's a hypocrite because he was inhaling a minute ago. They misapply the word.

But in their own lives--from taxes to deficits to foreign policy--the right practise true, industrial-strength hypocrisy. They fairly swim in hypocrisy like fish in the sea.

I can only conclude that conservatives in the U.S. are blatantly sociopathic. Or maybe they're like dissociatives, who "switch" from one personality to the other.
I think a wide variety of people are conservative, some much nicer and more reasonable than others. But Gov. Walker appears to be a mean, stingy, twisted and ambitious man. I hope Wisconsin can recall him (when the time comes) before he does too much damage. God forbid he runs for national office (although I am sure it is in his plans).

If any Wisconsinites are reading this - Recall!!!
Let's take back the State Senate!
Volunteer to help gather recall signatures.
Recall petitions have now been filed for Kapanke, Hopper, and Olson. Recall petition for Harsdorf will be filed tomorrow.

Volunteers are needed to gather signatures for Robert Cowles district (Green Bay). Deadline to file petition is May 2.
Recall headquarters for Cowles district - 1061 West Mason St in Green Bay - open 9AM-8PM every day.
For people living in Madison, carpool rides are available - Recall Road Trips. Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday (except Easter Sunday). Meeting 9:30 AM at Brittingham Park.
Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald had a good Op-Ed Column calling conservatives out as the liars they are. He wrote that conservatives believe their goals are worthy enough that implementing them by any means possible, including lies and slander, is good.
After all the Inquisition was doing God's work so whats a few mis-truths?
They made fun of us Californians for voting in a straight Dem ticket.

Not so funny now....
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