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Thursday, April 21, 2011

State gun

As we've noted previously, there's a difference between gun ownership and gun fetishism. The former doesn't offend me, but the latter creeps me out.

Arizona residents clearly belong in the latter territory.

The Arizona legislature, in an effort to please that state's sizable nutball voting bloc, has decreed the Colt Single Action Army Revolver to be the state's official gun. Only two states have felt compelled to name an official weapon -- the other one being, of course, Utah.

Josh Marshall asks, half seriously, what your state's official firearm would be.

For my adopted home, the answer is obvious. Marylanders should pick those Big Damn Cannons at Fort McHenry.

For my native land -- California -- a conundrum. The classic choice would be the Winchester Model 1873, "the gun that won the West," if only because Sarah Winchester built her Mystery House in San Jose. (San Jose is a funky place. It's also the home of the Rosicrucian museum, where they have cool Egyptian artifacts and an excellent library of arcana where I once spent a full day reading all sortsa bizarre stuff.) Truth be told, though, the Mystery House doesn't feel even slightly spooky.

Where was I...? Oh yes. Guns.

Maybe we shouldn't go for the classic choice. California means Hollywood, right? And Hollywood means science fiction movies. Not to mention video games. That means Big Freakin' Futuristic Firearms.

And here it is. The official gun of California. Or at least it would be, if someone would kindly get around to building the thing.

(Modesty forbids naming the artist. It was a commercial assignment.)

I don't know the make or model of the state gun of Wisconsin. But it's pointed at the heads of workers.
Arizona has made it illegal to shoot at the saguaros. Apparently that was beyond the pale, even for them.

Bungalow Bill and Matt Bastardson were fond of the Colt!
to be fair, the Utah choice of M1911A1 is because its from Utah's own John Moses Browning, and it is one of the most iconic and ground breaking designs ever produced, and to which pretty much all of the weapons that came after it are based on.

Its a pretty big deal, honestly.

AZ and the Single Action Army? You got me there, Sam Colt was from CT.
Are you sure that's a gun and not a musical instrument?
Guns. White-guy stuff.
Ever walk into a gun store, Perry? Do that in Los Angeles, and you'll see lots of black guys and latinos.
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