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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Says it all

The brilliant researcher (but who do you think pays his bills?) Webster Tarpley seems to have "gotten it right," at least in his choice of book title, when he christened the sealed-records mystery man as a "Manchurian Candidate," years ago.

Every day more and more postings appear on the Internet casting doubt on virtually every phase of the officially promoted version of Obama's life history.

Such as:

Are his childhood and young-adult photos genuine or Photoshopped?

Why is his Social Security number linked to a state where he has never resided?

Did he really even attend Occidental College, Harvard Law School, etc.?

Just who was his actual birth-father?

Who was the ghostwriter of his TWO autobiographies?

And on, and on, and on....

If Obama is, as it certainly appears to experts who study this kind of fraud, a manufactured entity, a convenient "creation" of one of the Langley spy shop's "legend factories," a "sleeper agent" Cointelpro-style inserted, a generation ago, into Chicago-machine politics (South Side division)... then he can easily be programmed to do most anything his "masters" decide is needed -- to maintain their long-range plans for various invasions, wars, wealth-concentrations, liberty-reductions, etc. ...and then be quickly discredited and dispensed with (perhaps through the well-funded birther strategy) when the "time is right" for a crippling constitutional crisis ("we have no legal president, and all legislation he's signed is therefore invalid!!!") and the convenient, emergency problem-solution of an in-the-open (this time) military coup to "save the republic".
@Anonymous 7:43

Fear much?

> Every day more and more postings appear on the internet casting doubt

ROTFL. This kind of talk is the same about every president, especially Democratic ones. Even our last president was turned into a cartoon/caricature. He was a bumbling "cowboy" and was previously in financial cahoots with our enemy's home country. More or less true but absolutely useless for political change. We sooo didn't respect him, that we had to turn our blame/fear over to his VP. At least this president seems to be directly blamed for everything, a back-handed compliment? We need to start holding politicians more accountable for their REAL actions, not their backgrounds as fantasized by logic-surrendering-fear-monkeys. Face you even know how your congressperson votes?

(Disclaimer about cartoons, if they point out policy flaws great, if they just have big ears and play on irrelevant stereotype or personal habits, not so... Awesome Grinch Christmas specials excluded)
One flew over the cuckoo filter?

Remember how women were claiming affairs with then Governor Clinton because the tabloids were handing out shopping carts full of bucks?

If theres something nefarious in Obama's past some disgruntled loser would be cashing in. All we got so far was Larry Sinclair. You know, Gillette's razor or who ever that guy was.
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