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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Roger Ebert meets Daniel Hopsicker

Check it out.

The Wachovia drug money laundering story -- or at least the smaller story that led to the larger story -- was broken by Daniel Hopsicker. First see here, then see here and here.

If a third of the Mexican GNP passes through your bank and you don't ask the questions required by law, you are either (1) a criminal, or (2) incompetent. I can't think of another possibility.
I can't think of a reason to apply the word "possibility" to option (2).
3) You might be a libertarian. Money trumps the law everytime with libertarians.
"set up like a rolling pin"
Interesting that reposting Ebert's blog on Facebook wasn't allowed for what ever reasons.

Then from the comments was the typical blaming it all on CRA loans even though they only accounted for 7% to 10% of all the mortgages written.

We can't count on our elected Senators and Representatives for help because they aren't going to bite the hand that greases their palm so it's up to us to starve the beast.

If you own stocks go the the share holder's meetings and demand accountability from the CEO and board for the amounts they award each other as golden parachutes. If you invest in mutual funds change to ones that invest in responsible businesses. Wall street counts on you being too busy trying to survive to pay attention to how your investments are made.

How long could Wall Street survive if everybody put their money in mattresses instead of banks and 401K's?
Wonder how Ebert reconciles his newfound insights on class warfare with being an Obama fluffer from the get-go.

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