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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Quick Question about Kos

Does anyone know if the stats for Daily Kos have gone done? Obama is increasingly unpopular in prog circles, and there is a general awareness that Markos Moulitsas did more than anyone else to create a messianic cult of O.

Has there been a backlash? MM has revamped his site, which we might take as a sign of dropping stats.

(Cannonfire goes in for a revamp whenever I have a big real life project that I don't want to do. That's also when many household chores get done. But things work rather differently on the larger sites.)
The Kosholes are dead to me. (Always wanted to use that phrase).

Why should I spin their hit counter by visiting?

Anyway, would the term Industrial Feudalism be appropriate for where Obama and his republican allies want to take us?
I don't think the level of readership at Daily Kos reflects allegiance to Markos Moulitsas's views. It's a site that facilitates discussion, sometimes more effectively than it does at present.

The growing frustration of progressives with Obama and the Democratic establishment can certainly be seen in the increased numbers of arguments appearing in the diaries and comment threads there. I suspect many participants are visiting less often because of the discord, and possibly because of the recent redesign of the site's structure.
Here's a link to his stats page, although I had to wash my hands after I logged in over there.

When I think about that site now all I see in my mind's eye is a 19 year old frat boy whining about "womens studies types" and wearing a Sarah Palin is a c*** t-shirt and two guys trying to pour beer down the throat of a cardboard cut-out of Hillary Clinton.

That's who they are to me.
Here's one "official" source. Click All to get the last couple of years. Looks pretty flat


nifty graphs and all
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