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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nukes: Japanese and Iranian

The Fukushima disaster has been re-rated as a 7, putting it on a par with Chernobyl, which means that the event has had and will have widespread detrimental health effects. I wonder if Jay Lehr of the "prestigious" Heartland Institute is going to apologize? Nahh... Propagandists never do.

Nuke Iran: Alan Dershowitz, who used to be sane, wants Israel to destroy the Iranian reactors. This, despite the fact that the Fukushima example tells us what to expect. (In fact, we should expect much worse.)

As this critical response shows, Dershowitz' premise is flawed. He holds that Israeli action is justified because Israel (and no-one else) alleges that Iranian arms were found on an aid ship called the Victoria, which the Israelis intercepted on the way to Gaza.

The mortar shells which putatively were found aboard the ship are pictured here. And here are actual Iranian shells of the exact same vintage. I've reproduced both bombs in the side-by-side comparison displayed above; click on image to enlarge.

Incidentally: What about Israel's illegal nukes? If Israel can bomb an Iranian nuclear plant, why shouldn't someone else bomb Dimona?

Something is brewing. Don't be surprised to see Israel blast its way into the front-page headlines again soon.

(I did a little Googling to find an exact match for the mortars found on the Victoria; so far, no luck. But I did come across this page from Croatia. You know what that site needs? A shopping cart. And free shipping. Y'know, like Amazon. "Customers who bought this item also bought...")

On another topic -- Obama's speech: A lot of people seem focused on what he'll have to say. Should we be? Even if he says a few of the right words, by now we all should have noticed the disconnect between what the man says and what he does.
"the disconnect between what the man says and what he does."
Same is being colported by the right in Portugal. They de-pict him as Pinocchio.
The economy of the brain digests unconsistencies in perception until coming to a clue.(more free memory).
Propaganda is the art of shaping human perception.
Given there being an ongoing struggle -"All history is a history of class-struggle-
politicians as such are to be cynics. A cynic for ME is somebody who KNOWS what is right, but decides NOT to ACT con-formingly.
Somebody You might know, is B.B. -Bertold Brecht.
As a "lefty" ANY "lefty" one is
USED to not to do as you say.
My grandfather who was a German Socialist in 1914 used to say, "Don't follow my DEEDS, but follow my WORDS.
And B.B. whom I trust like my grandpa, said it like this, "You don't expect a signpost to go, where it is pointing to."
So much about interpretation of
inconsistencies in peoples behaviour.
But if You were interested in searching for more possible causes
for shining inconsistencies then try ->

Just to give You a start some quotes : "If left unregulated, these market forces threaten to eclipse the capacity of democratic governments — perhaps even America’s — to make their own choices about taxes and spending.

The crisis is not of Portugal’s doing.

By distorting market perceptions of Portugal’s stability, the rating agencies — whose role in fostering the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States has been amply documented — have undermined both its economic recovery and its political freedom.

In Portugal’s fate there lies a clear warning for other countries, the United States included.

encroachment on democracy by unregulated markets"
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