Monday, April 04, 2011

Bye bye, Medicare

During the Obamacare battle, we saw easily-bamboozled teabagger seniors who held up signs that read: "Keep government away from Medicare!" The Republicans gave that absurd sentiment tons of publicity. Now, the Republicans have shown their true colors: They want to get rid of Medicare altogether.

First, the Republicans ruined the economy with their wars, their pork, their outsourcing and their Wall Street deregulation. And now they say that we're too broke to pay for Social Security and Medicare.

My prediction: Obama will make "fighting for Medicare" a campaign pledge. Then, if he should get into office again...
I am a card carrying liberal, but I still suspect if Bush were still in office and in Libya, my party would be raising hell about it (more than some already are). It is mostly just politics, and yet, people on both sides really mean it. People's opinions on an issue really ARE shaped by which party is representing the issue.
... he will throw it under the bus.
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