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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bruce Wayne's secret...REVEALED!

Actually, the producers of the old Batman TV series went to a lot of trouble to include this bit. I mean, their budgets were notoriously tight, yet they paid an artist to do that painting -- all for the sake of a gag which only a handful of people in the audience would have understood. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that Skull and Bones did not become well-known to paranoids around the country until the 1970s.

Since S&B was founded in 1832, aren't the dates a bit off? Adam West was born in 1928, which means that the Bruce Wayne of the series must have been of a similar age. So his father Thomas Wayne probably would have been born in the 1890-1905 period. The grandfather would have gone to school well after the Civil War.

Apparently, Bruce Wayne really is a Yalie. One of the artists for the comic made that bit of history canon.
I find that shocking. Perhaps by turning to crime fighting, Bruce Wayne was seeking, not only to avenge the deaths of his parents, but to undo the sins of his fore-fathers...

This highlights one of the main differences between conspiracy theorists and normal people.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Yale undergraduates are plotting to take over the world, and other people don't.
One Painting? See what happens when you're a bachelor and don't marry a witch?
Who knows maybe those paranoids were on to something. Watching Kerry fall on his sword during the 2004 elections was Bone-ish. ;)

It definitely felt like someone/he was f*cking it up on purpose.
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