Monday, April 04, 2011

An argument in favor of the Sharia ban

As you know, 'baggers in Oklahoma and elsewhere love to spread scare stories about the alleged threat posed by Sharia law, which the evil Muslims have supposedly conspired to foist on America. In Oklahoma, this scarecrow so frightened the citizenry that 70% of them voted for a ballot measure preventing any judge or court from making a decision based on Sharia law.

Yes, that measure (which came afoul of the First Amendment) was pure madness -- and pure theater. It's like passing a law to ban Godzilla, the Hulk or some other imaginary threat.

Nevertheless, Sharia paranoia may have beneficial side-effects. A new law has been proposed.
It bans on "any law, rule, legal code or system" not rooted in the Constitution of Oklahoma or the United States.
Seems to me that this measure could provide protection against Dominionists and other theocrats who want to force Christ into our courts. Now that threat is far less imaginary.
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I wonder what this would do to the so-called Conscience Clause laws?
Now, as it is, health-care providers and pharmacists can refuse to do abortions, dispense birth control or the "morning after" pill because it goes against their religious superstitions.

While looking up the above I was reminded of news articles about Muslim cab drivers or shop owner refusing to serve disabled people who rely on guide dogs because this is a matter of conscience too. What happens there?
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