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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A thing said well is worth repeating

...adding, just to remind us of history I'm sure we all remember. That Democratic Socialist Bill Clinton got rid of the deficit. Alan Greenspan, who spent years fretting about the deficit, suddenly decided the great danger we faced was not having a deficit. And Bush tax cuts, and too and such.
Lo, what a change is here. Looks like Bill Clinton is no longer the racist warmonger corporate lackey who single-handedly championed a repeal of Glass-Steagal. Have we finally gotten past the "Vince Foster! Vince Foster! Vince Foster!" madness of 2008?

If you're looking for a successful recent prez to admire, Dems, you'd best not dis Clinton, because he's what you got. The current clown proves the point.

Which brings us to our question of the day. 2012: Obama v. Bachmann. (It could happen.) With such opposition, could you bring yourself to vote for the current clown?

Yeah, yeah, I know. No need for you to say it. But, c'mon...we're talking about Michelle Bachmann here.

Just as only a Sharron Angle could make me find Harry Reid tolerable, Michelle Bachmann would definitely have me viewing Barack Obama as the less monstrous of two monsters.
Two things. First thing, 'Fuck Atrios'. Second thing, 'See the first thing'. What's worse than a smart coward? Lots of things but since we're talking about 'smart' folks who were scared to speak up when they should have and are now finding their cajones because Hillary lent them one, fuck Atrios and all the late comers, and the horsey ride that got them here, nice and late. Yes, bitterness, like acid reflux when I see/hear their names (BTD, Atrios, C&L, FDL, DU, Media Matters, etc..).
I'm voting Green. I'm 100 percent sure I will never vote for Obama, not even if it's Bachmann.
I dont have a vote, but Backmann is a graduate of Oral Roberts University. Thats where the Bush Justice Department found its preferred senior officials. Can someone not do something about removing the accreditation of these creationists?

I'm tired of voting for which asshole I want to shit on me.
Laugh about it.
Shout about it.
When you've got to choose
Any way you look at it
You lose.
--Paul Simon
I figure that the loons that bought into Axlerod's dog and pony show and the right wing blo-tards haven't suffered enough.
If it's Obama instead of a real FDR style Democrat I'll just go in and pull the R lever come November 2012.
The economy is going down the toilet and if it's Obama at the controls the party is finished. If it's an R in the White House when it flat lines we have a chance in 2016.
I could never vote for either of them. But I don't think the Repubs will nominate her.

And even Sharon Angle couldn't make Harry look good to me!
Well, this blog may piss off some of you when 2012 rolls around. If forced to choose between an awful, corrupt corporate sell-out pseudo-Dem and a total raving toon from the tea party, I'll have to root for the sell-out.

This isn't 2008. At that time, we had McCain -- a fundamentally decent and rational person whose politics just happen to be very different from mine. Of course, he DID pick Palin, who is awful. But that, I think was to win over some disaffected Hillary voters -- and the trick would have worked if the crash hadn't hit in October.

There's no-one like McCain on the Republican side now. Maybe Romney...? God, I can't stand that guy. But he's a slick opportunist, not a toon.

I know that many of my readers can't imagine someone worse than Obama. I keep telling those readers to look at history. Toward the end of the Weimar Republic, a lot of German lefites absolutely could not fathom the possibility of someone worse than Bruening or Von Papen (who really were pretty awful) gaining control of the country. Guess what happened...?
No way would I ever vote for Bachmann, Newt, or Palin (although, I don't dislike her). I would, for the first time, not vote at all. I could vote for Romney, however. At least he MIGHT be able to turn the economy around.
I want the bread lines, Joe. I want the misery meter to peg the needle so bad it bends. I want mercenaries to be putting us into re-education camps while the corporate elite boat on Lake Conemaugh. Only then will people wake up.

The Democratic party lost their House majority then went on to elect one of the architects of that failure to Minority Leader instead of throwing her out on her ass. I see the Democrats and a re-elected Obama governing no differently then any republican loon in the name of bi-bipartisanship.

Bill Ayers thought he needed bombs and riots because he didn't have today's republicans to bring us low.
One really does have to admire the ingenuity of the Republican establishment, though. What better way to tame and marginalize a budding grassroots insurrection than to get a couple of billionaire brothers to coopt it and a loon like Bachmann to appoint herself as its spokesperson.

It's almost as clever as the Democratic establishment recruiting a do-nothing, not-terribly-bright corporate shill to discredit the Left for a generation.

Say what you like about our overlords, but they ain't stupid.
I registered to vote in 1973. I have voted in every single election since then - not just Presidential years, but Congressional elections, off-year elections, special ballots, you name it. I've always treated it a serious, civic obligation.

Looking at the likely field, I just might stay home in 2012.
If 3rd party were really not an option, disgusting as it sounds, I'd hold my nose and vote for Bachmann. (Wow, 2008 really was a slippery slope.) I can't stand the thought of four more years of BO bending over for the Republicans and the entire Democratic party bending over for him. At least with Bachmann, they may coalesce and fight back against the insanity. Maybe. Or maybe the people will finally get fed up.
Sorry, I cannot and will not vote for either party, both bought and paid for by the Masters of the Universe. The nail in the coffin for the Dems was promoting a totally unsuitable and untested candidate to run in 2008.

You get what you pay for: the big zero, the O-man, who hasn't the foggiest notion of what leadership looks like and doesn't appear to care as long as the perks and golf time keep rolling in. A perfect front man.

I'm done voting for the lesser of two evils. They're both dispicable. And if things get worse? Maybe that's what has to happen until people wake up from the self-imposed fugue.

I'll vote third party, period!
Isn't in at least possible that if Republicans have all the jobs in 2012 the real Democrats might begin to appear by 2014 in disgust and anger. And some of the bloggers responsible for Obama might disappear. I don't think we can suffer much more and they won't have any money to play with since we've already spent it all.
Afraid I'm with the folks who are not voting or voting 3rd party. I think the system is fucked beyond repair at this point, but would like to be wrong about that. I can understand Joseph's position on this, and in an extreme situation I might be swayed to vote for a crappy Dem over a nut job tea partier, something that could easily come to pass. Anyway, still glad I didn't vote for the O hole in office now, but still have to deal with his pathetic "rule".
Obama v. Bachmann? What a nightmare. I can't blame anyone for trying to make the best choice they can in that situation.

I have flirted with voting in the Republican primary, just to vote for the lesser of however many evils. I would prefer to vote in the Democratic primary for a real Democrat, if only we can get one to run against President Obama.

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