Monday, March 07, 2011

Normal brains can't process my chili

Move over, Alton Brown! This is obviously the greatest recipe video ever. I promised donors a chili recipe, and by the Almighty, I have delivered. (All other promises shall be likewise fulfilled, given time.)

The above video may, in fact, be the most awe-inspiring Western film of all time, graced as it is by the presence of the Gods of the West, who are herein brought to visible appearance. (Honest. Watch and see.) It owes its success not to my own status as a high priest Vatican assassin warlock rock star from Mars chili-maker -- rather, it triumphs due to the unimprovable nobility of its subject matter.
OMG - That looks delicious! I love the fact you don't measure spices and use beer an unsung hero in sauces.

Will definitely try your recipe out for a spin and not change a thing.

Great video. All the ingredients look terrific, except the beef and sausage.
I am especially pleased that Quick Draw McGraw is one of your muses for chili. I think El Ka Bong is currently working on Wall St.
Great Sound efixs.. Cannonfire look delicious..........and yes you did beat James Cameron..
You should post this on your kickstarter page as update...

Is their any way of getting written copy of the recipe.. I notice that you blog deletes stuff after a couple of posting from you.
Great video! How much would you charge to make a promo video like that for my new book?
Very well done! I hadn't considered beer--might have to try that next time. I use raw cacao powder and some maple syrup in mine.
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