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Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Hillary in 2012

A couple of readers have asked me to comment on Hillary Clinton's announcement that she will not run in 2012, and that she will quit her current position as Secretary of State at the end of Obama's first (and probably only) term. All I can say is, I'm sorry to hear this. I don't think that she is playing any kind of 11-dimensional chess game. I do think that she is in quiet conflict with Obama.

Okay: So who else should run against the O-man? It would be nice for an actual Democrat to be involved in the 2012 race. You know -- just to keep up appearances. I'm still thinking Gore.
My friend in Washington says he thinks Gore is positioning himself for a future run, with his new book on “the political, social and economic forces that are shaping what America and the world will become in ensuing decades” to be published in 2012.

Gore has also lost some weight, which has been an indicator in the past that he'll be running.

My friend says Gore will never run against Obama, but I wonder whether Obama will bow out. He only ever wanted to be a celebrity, which he can now be without all the headaches, like actually doing things for the country, that go along with holding office.

Carolyn Kay
A Hillary run at the White House in 2012 was wishful thinking by her fans. She is smart enough to know that the usual gang of republicans, cable news hacks, and Obamacrats would be out for scalp.

Al Gore has his own baggage that would prevent a successful run. You have the whole phony serial liar meme the media went with to get Bush into the White House, the Global Warming deniers on Big Oil's payroll (including some supposed Liberal bloggers), and that massage incident.

It took Bush eight years, two major catastrophes, and the financial melt down to do what Obama, Pelosi, and Reid accomplished in less than two.

Are there any Democrat sacrificial lambs ... er candidates waiting in the wings?
Also--during the primaries, the Obamacrats successfully smeared Hillary and Bill as racists. It would be hard to come back from that.
It doesn't matter how hard you look she still the best bet,or her husband. So if a real democrat is what we need in the white House, real democrats have to do something about that. Like we are not taking a no for an answer
I don't think the smear campaign on the Clintons worked beyond the short term. Current approval numbers for both Clintons are stellar at this point. I think Hillary's "No!' was pretty emphatic. And frankly, I don't blame her a bit for being fed up and wanting her life back. How she puts up with the amatuer hour is beyond me.

Still, I would like to see Obama challenged by an actual Democrat because we certainly do not have one in the WH.
Another factor in all this is the damage Obama has done to the Democratic Party, which is considerable after only two years. The Dems are probably screwed no matter who they run.
Why not Feingold?

At least he could articulate what the Dem party should be!

Let's start a draft Feingold movement. He's already doing Progressives Unite, and Wisconsin seems the banner state for the battle drawn...
Something is brewing and it's very possible Obama will be gone by then. I'm not at liberty to discuss any details but we all know that Obama has a questionable history involving a collection of thought to be criminal activities. This history has a tremendous value especially if there is ample evidence and will soon come back to haunt him in the most interesting way. In the past often behavior has been covered up but considering what is happening, it's unlikely it will be covered up this time. As mentioned something is brewing!

Federal Whistleblower since 1998
Marty Didier
Northbrook, IL
if you read Angry Arab's posts on Hillary today, Joe, you will find the Arab world isn't sorry to see this hypocrite imperialist go.
Oh, sure, Ken...we're supposed to give a fuck what a bunch of underhung raging men think about Hillary?

Show me an Arab women's site and I might give a fuck. Otherwise, the pricks can die for all I care what they think. Let the Lara rapists DIE and be WIPED off the face of the planet.

Put that in your twisted knickers.

Thank you, Hillary, for being the ONLY one, unheard, saying that without women's rights no one is going to make progress.

Worry about your own gender apartheid hypocrisy, Ken. And if you don't, know that your kind should be wiped off the face of the planet, the sooner the better.

There are some men, even Saudi men, speaking up for women's progress. Those who aren't....have no call to be dissing Hillary's efforts.

Cultural differences be damned when it comes to gender apartheid and worse.
Gore gave his endorsement to Obama in 2008, and he is a gentleman. His weight loss is probably due to becoming a single man in his 60's. He may run again in 2016, but I highly, highly doubt he will challenge an incumbent and risk the negative label that comes with doing that.

Hillary is done. She was done when she was gamed out of the primary after having won. She has spent the past 2+ years giving what she can to the causes that mean so much to her, doing the best she can offer on Obama's orders, and she will finish the term. I think she differs with Obama on some of the things he has done, but is with him on others. If she's learned anything over these past few years it is that more can be accomplished from a position in the private sector.
Feingold, Feingold, Feingold.
Of course (unlike me) "Angry Arab" is a hard left prog who is in favor of women's rights. But he recognizes a phony soft imperialist like Hillary for what she is-as most of the female Arab-Muslim world does as well. They prefer such as Dennis Kucinich, who refuses to visit Israel until it vacates the West Bank. BTW, the Lara "official story" has been shown to be a (doubtlessly Arabophobic-motivated) myth.
Zee can also thank Hillary for voting for the Bush war which has actually led to the loss of women's rights in Iraq. That vote cost her the nomination to O, though I myself wouldn't have voted for any Democrat to the right of Kucinich.
Clinton also showed no opposition to outsourcing under her neolib anti-labor hubby's NAFTA sponsoring reign. Very feminist of her to stay married to a serial adulterer....

a lady worth admiring-unlike Zionist Lobby owned Hillary.
The word "zion" says it all, Ken. You're a "Jews run the world" NUTCASE. Bye. Run along. Who cares for any of your stupid "revolutions" where "people" means MEN and men only.

And sughoop... voting for Bush's war didn't stop KERRY's nomination. Funny how that works, huh? Get up off your knees to penis-Americans.

btw, I protested Kerry, my Senator, alone, in person, with my back turned to him, while security barreled down on me at full run, and I stood my ground. It was Viet Nam vets who sprang to my side and said leave her alone.

MK and Light! Who-hoo! Feingold, indeed! Especially now that more war is breaking out...
omfg, I hadn't read the rest of nutcase Ken's poison rant.

A woman journalist shrieking as she's stripped and swallowed into a violent male mob is a MYTH? Source?

Well, that just goes to show that the KUCINICH KOOKS are just as misogynistic as their thrice divorced/remarried little freak "hero" is...who TWICE refused to debate local liberal woman opponents even as he WHINED his ass off about viable national candidates refusing to let him into the big boy debates.

Facts are thorny little bastards, aren't they?
"Show me an Arab women's site and I might give a fuck."
An Arab Woman Blues - Reflections in a sealed bottle....
Actually I prefer Nader to Kucinich. But I admit Ralph was fooled by the phony John Edwards and should never have swing his support that way.

Great Dreyfuss piece on war hawk Hillary's evil part in the Libyan invasion. Among other "nutcases" according to the femdom anti-class struggling Zee's values are "self-hating Jews" Norman Finklestein Phillip Weiss (Mondoweiss blog)
and even lately ex kibbutz resident Noam Chomsky who has conceded the Zionist Lobby's influence in the US ruling class is
very problematic.
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