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Friday, March 25, 2011

More Gore?

Brent Budowsky has an important new article about the return of Al Gore. There's no talk -- so far -- of a 2012 challenge to Obama. (Although, as long-time readers know, I favor the idea.)

But Gore is writing a new book about the need for Democrats to retake the House. I'd prefer it if he wrote about our need for a Democrat in the White House, because we don't have one now.
Publishing; television; fundraising. Message; communications; organization; mobilization. The Gore methodology is identical to the strategy he implemented to drive climate change to the top of the global agenda. No doubt the retreat on climate change is part of Gore’s motivation today.

The methodology is similar to the formula of conservatives who turned their own ideas into what became a de facto integrated conglomerate of think tanks, publishing, television, fundraising, and organization.

But liberals have been historically inept at combining the power of the message with the power of distributing the message.
I've known for a while that Republican think tanks were a racket, but the size and scope of the racketeering has become apparent to me only recently. Those think tanks exist to provide Fox and other conservative media outlets with a network of "on call" talking heads. If the left had a similar network, then Air America might not have failed.

(Of course, a big factor in the failure of AA was the way the on-air talent grew kind of repellent with familiarity. To be specific, I'm thinking of the Colossal Ego of Rhodes.)

I'm disturbed, however, to see that Gore is publishing via Random House, which has a well-known right-wing bias. This is the same publisher that pushes Ann Coulter. Random House has established an entire imprint (Crown) devoted to the most scurrilous forms of right-wing propaganda. If Gore's book succeeds, the profits will fund a dozen far more dangerous works.
Cod! I hope not!
If Al decided to run the print and broadcast media would be out in full howl just as they were in the primaries and the general back in 2000. Bob Somerby would have it easy, all he would have to do is take his posts from back then and change the names of the lying bastard "journalists" writing the screed. Same for Hillary were she to even look like she is mounting a challenge the O-BOTS (fu, Bob)at Koshole and etc. would have the knives out.
Sadly, I think the blogger boyz would be much more likely to lead the charge than the media. Anyone who chooses to mount a primary challenge against Obama will face the scorched-earth strategy of the astroturfers. I don't believe there will be any serious primary contender and we'll again be stuck with Obama at the top of the ticket.
Anyone who tries to primary Obama should prepare to have his or her reputation completely destroyed.
The victim of what the media and the obot did in 2008 wasn't Hillary(mainly anyway). It was the democratic proccess. They legalized thugary and election stealing. Any one who didn't came out against what happened be it Gore or even Hillary herself lost my respect. Even in blogs who are against it put in a way which suggest what happened was bad because of Hillary. As if it happened to any one else it wouldn't be so bad. Whatever the republican did in elections in the past, 2008 primaries was waaay worse.
I used to listen AA like every freaking day now to me they all media whores. I can't even stand see their names in print
Anon@4:36, Ronald Reagan had one thing right, don't smear your opponents in the primary because it will haunt you in the general. Team Obama ignored that axiom and went after Hillary in the lowest way possible. The Clintons are at least pragmatic in that any Democrat would govern better than a republican (or so they thought). So Bill and Hill sucked it up and did what they thought best for America and the Democratic party.
It's not their fault that Obama, Pelosi, and Reid managed to stink up the joint in less than two years with their foolish behavior.

The irony of the situation is some of the ones sticking knives in Hillary's back are now castigating her for not putting up more of a fight and blaming her for Obama's failures.

The only mistake the Clintons and Al Gore made was underestimating how bad Obama sucks.
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